Kai and Gin

Name: Kairiena Anafel
Nickname(s): Rie
Species: Human
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Looks: Medium height, thin-athletic build
Eyes: Deep Blue
Hair: White
Clothes: Anything comfortable, usually wears a lot of black and two silver rings on each hand
Personality: She's a kind girl with a soft heart, and a pacifist. She prefers her music to fighting, but is willing to make a stand to protect those she loves. Even though she smiles a lot, it's a cover for an extremely sad and traumatic past.
Description: Semi-strong, brave, compassionate, mature, logical
Position: Bard/Travelling entertainer
Mate: None
Likes: Sunny Days, Friends, Music, Singing, Playing Her Flute, Music
Dislikes: Rain, Sadness, People who hide everying from everyone
Past: Orphaned at a young age when her parents died of an illness caused by a curse brought upon by her brother (unbenknownst to her), she was raised by said older brother. However, soon he went insane, and started beating and abusing Rie to the point where Rie nearly died. She fled soon after, even though he swore to kill her. Having nowhere to go, she took her beloved flute that her mother gave her and went to make her own way in the world.
Fights with: Bow and Arrow
Varden or Empire?: Prefers to stay neutral, but is allied with Varden
House: N/A
Animal characteristics? N/A
Fun facts?: She is deathly afraid of roses. Why? She won't tell. (It's because she fell into a rosebush when she was little)

Dragon profile:

Name: Gin no Yami
Nickname(s): Gin
Color: Dark Silver/Silver-Black-ish
Gender: Male
Personality: Gin is what would be your setero-typical dragon. He's quiet, almost brutally honest, extremely blunt. He's also stubborn and hard-headed, but extrememly responsible. He conisderes himself Rie's protector and guardian. He may complain about always saving her, but deep down, he cares affectionalty for her.
Description: tough, slightly mischevious, caring, protective
Mate: None
Egg looks: Black with Silver Veins
Favorite food: Oranges
Where Found: On the edges of a forest where Kai was gathering food.
Likes: Kai, Kai's music, irritating Kai
Dislikes: Liars, lying, being bored
Fun facts?: He often dreams of what it's like to be human and sometimes finds himself wishing to be human.