poetry cornner

a couple of poems that i wrote


Remember the day
with the sun so bright
we sat while we play
while we were still light

But now we are older
all inosence gone
The air grows colder
its night not dawn

At the very end
we wish we could go back
Have all the rules bend
so we gain what we lack

So what did we learn?
That all we needed was to earn.

speek my mind

They sit there and wonder,
I just ask why.
Even if it may hinder,
the birds in the sky.

I've sat there to long,
I want to make a stand.
Even if it is wrong,
I wont know how i land.

I cant speek my mind,
so i stand up anyway.
I don't know what I'll find
if I do fly away

So i will stay to speek,
even if i am blind to what i seek.

"They're wrong"

they say that i am ignorant,
I say that they are wrong.
By the time that they see the truth,
I'll be long gone.
Over the horizon,
pass the dark sea.
Into a new land,
thats where ill be.
I'll be back,
to see them again.
To see if they have changed,
I just dont know when.

well thats all for now come back some other time to see more of aki's poetry corner