Warped Disney World

I just woke up from one of the creepiest dreams that I've ever had. It wasn't scary but it was just really creepy... I think it manifested from guilt that I had about something that happened yesterday, but here's the story:

The marching band gave me an invitation to come with them again on the Disney Marching trip, but I refused. They were almost pleading though. They said I could bring someone with me and I didn't even have to march. As odd as that was at the time, I didn't think too much of it and asked Cris to come with me. He was upset that I asked him to come but at the same token, he was glad to be there with me.

It was odd when we first got there because it only took a few seconds... and the oddest part was that no one brought their instruments. I was beginning to wonder what sort of "Marching Band trip" this was. I was about to ask Mr. Smith, but the Disney representative appeared out of nowhere. "What's going one here?" I asked, "I thought Mr. Smith said this was a marching band trip."
"Oh, but it is," he replied as his black sunglasses showed the reflection of my face when he looked down on me, "Do you have a problem with how this trip is arranged?"
He creeped me out to say the least. I didn't want to stay around him for another second because he seemed strange. "N...No sir," was all I replied.
"Good..." he leaned towards me and whispered sinisterly, "Have fun..."

At that moment, Cris put his hand on my shoulder. "Hey," he told me.
My eyes opened and I looked back over to him. "Hi..." I said nervously.
"Are you okay? I heard you talking to someone..."
I turned around quickly after he said that to find that there wasn't anyone there. "But... but... the Disney representative..." I tried to tell him, but in return he looked at me in the eyes gently and gave me a hug.
"It's okay... I know that you're stressed out... Maybe less than I am, but I'm here and I'm going to have fun *with* you if it *kills* me." after saying that, he took my hand and lead me off the bus. Somehow after we got off, the viewpoint was still on the bus as a shadowy figure appeared with red eyes, but no one, not even the paranoid me, took notice.

Then it flashed over to me with all of my stuff in my purse behind me, aside from my cellphone in case I needed to call my parents. Cris was out on the beach swimming while I was sitting under an open-shack area with someone who claimed to be Cris's friend. We had a short conversation about feet which lead him to measure my foot for some reason. After he measured he said, "It's big, but it's beautiful." (And I just noticed right now that Cris said that about me in general when I was upset about my weight. He would always tell me "You may be a little big, but you're still beautiful, sweetie... And I mean that.")
After that, we somehow got into a discussion about Pokemon and how he was able to hack his Xbox into playing Pokemon games. (I kinda feel that it might symbolize how close I want to be with Cris, but how I sometimes go overboard *pretty sure I do* at some tiny aspects of his life when I shouldn't worry over anything.)

After a while, Cris came back and asked what I did and I told him about what his friend and I talked about and everything. Cris replied with, "Cool."
He sat down and then looked between me and his friend and then finally back at me. "Are you sure you don't want to come into the water with me?" he asked.
"I'm sorry... I'd like to, but I didn't bring a suit..." I replied.

After I said that, we heard the call to get back on the bus quickly and that we'd be back at close to nightfall to get our things... As odd as that was, I left my things there and Cris had gotten dressed. Both of us got on the bus, sat next to each other and started talking.

Then it flashed away from us to a little brown-haired girl with pigtails. "But daddy! I want a pony!" she stomped her feet at him, throwing a tantrum.
"I'm sorry darling, but you know what I have to do to get you a pony..." he replied.
"I don't CARE! Just find someone!" she shouted at him, "Let them all suffer!"
The father hesitated, "As you wish... my dear..."
Then the viewpoint panned out to show me the background of what was behind them and their office... It looked like hell. It was a factory of workers with rotten wood plank structures and fire pits.

It flashed back to me and Cris on the bus, heading for the hotel (at the time, I thought we'd go back to the beach). Cris had dozed off and was leaning against my shoulder. I looked at him and smiled for a while until we came to a stop and I looked outside. I was stunned to see that we were back at the hotel. Cris had woken up and was as equally stunned, but not too surprised. We got off the bus and I was furious because I left my bag with my games and money back at that shack. (that I was stupid enough to leave my stuff at instead of be overly paranoid and take my things with me)

Cris just suggested to me that we just go up to our room to get some sleep, but I wanted to talk to Mr. Smith. Yet again, before I got to him, the Disney representative appeared in front of me. "Can I help you...?" he asked.
I was too angry to not be creeped out from this guy. "You said we'd be back at the beach! I left all my stuff and my money there!" I puffed out.
"Oh... right!" he acted like he just realized. "I'm terribly sorry... tomorrow we'll get your items."
"We better!" I said angrily while Cris pulled me to our room.

He was doing his best to try and calm me down over the situation but I didn't let it go. He eventually sighed, "You know what? Fine... I was hoping we'd just have a nice trip by ourselves, but now you're angry when the whole thing will be taken care of tomorrow... I'm going to bed."
He went over to the opposite bed and laid off on his side to not face me. At this point, I was feeling guilty about being angry and was now sad. "Sweetie..." I tried to call to him but got no response, "I... I love you..."
After saying that, I just laid in the other bed, and faced his back, contemplating whether or not I should comfort him. (Even though I know I should've)

It flashed back over to the factory where one of the workers was devilishly frightening a blonde haired girl. "So what were ya gonna do with the money, eh?!"
"I... I was gonna..." she stuttered.
"GONNA, WHAT?! What were ya gonna do with that stolen money and video games?!" (It was then in my subconscious mind that I realized she was the person that had taken my things while I was gone instead of have them guarded by Cris's supposed "friend")
"I... I was..."
"SPIT IT OUT! YOU TOLD ME EARLIER!" the worker said wickedly as he drew out a red/pink piece of chalk and started marking on the boards, "Help pay for college, give to the needy, feed the poor, buy something nice for your family, donate the items to charity... What else was it now? OH YES! Help you buy an engagement ring, help pay for your grandmother in the hospital, BUY A PONY! WHAT OTHER LIES ARE YOU GONNA BE ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH?! REMEMBER THIS LIST!"
He red the last line of pink chalk on the boards as she tried to scoot off away from his violently marking hands, but slipped off. She fell and hit the ground hard, breaking her neck. The worker looked down at her dead body and shrugged. "Oh well... for the benefit of society..."

Cris's "friend" looked on in horror as he saw the girl plunge to her death. He cried and tried to struggle away from his capturers even though he was tied up. "So... what will it be...?" the worker behind him cackled.
He struggled more until he fell over, causing the structure to collapse in itself. The worker more than likely died as a result, but the boards were able to cut the "friend's" ropes tying him. Weakly, he pushed the boards away from himself and srugglingly crawled out from the rotten rubble, seeking freedom and help. He was just halfway to the door, when suddenly, something rolled him over on his back. He was too weak to turn back around. He was face-to-face with the brown-haired pigtail girl, who had a wicked smile on her face. Next to her, was a miniature horse that followed her every movement in it's own way, by trotting. "Awwwwh... leaving so soon? Just when it got fun? I DON'T THINK SO!" she smiled at him and started pacing in front of him. "You see... Daddy punishes the liers and sinners... And in return, I get anything I want... In fact, that nice little girl over there..." she pointed back to the blonde girl's body, "she helped me get this little pony right here..." she went back to facing him and smiled wickedly, "And you're going to help me get some pretty little shoes..."
After that last statement, he used the last of his strength to scream.

I woke up in my hotel bed and then stretched. "Ahhhhh.... Good morning sweetie!" I waited for a response but got none. "Sweetie?"
I rolled over to face his bed to find nothing but messy bed sheets. "Oh! he must've gone down to get some breakfast... I must've woken up really late," I told myself.
I hurriedly got dressed and headed down with my room key for breakfast, only to be called to get on the bus. Not worrying much about it, I hurried and got on the bus to see Cris. I only found our two empty seats. No Cris. "Is he still mad at me over last night...?" I asked myself sadly and slumped into his seat, thinking he got into another seat with someone because I was angry the night before.

We arrived at Disney World and I was still upset. I walked around by myself for a while until I heard, "Caitlin!"
I turned around to find my mom, my grandma, and my little brother waving at me. I hurried over to them, acting as happy as I possibly could. "Hi guys! I see you got my message. You came here quick."
"It was actually a long trip for us, my ears are still popping," mom replied, "but here's some money to make up for what you had."
I looked over the money and noticed I had at least $500 dollars, ten times the money I took with me. "Thank you..."
"So where's Cris at?" grandma asked me.
I looked at the ground and put the money into my pocket. "I don't know..."
"Oh... well when you find him, meet up with us at the Disney Castle for shopping," mom told me.
"Okay," I replied.
Soon after they left I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around hoping it would be Cris, but instead found myself face-to-face with the Disney representative again. "All of us are going on a tour of the history of the Disney Castle... come with me."

All of us were gathered behind the representative while he started taking us through the Castle. As he was telling us information though, I started to zone out and not listen as I focused on the castle suddenly getting darker and creepy circus music rising in volume. I backed out of the group and soon found my family, running over to them. "Hi Caitlin," my little brother said, "Where's Cris at?"
"I still don't know," I said frantically.
"Oh, well in the mean time, let's look around at some stuff," mom said.

Then we started walking around until we got to the Alice in Wonderland section. I stopped to look at a pink light up lamp that would have the Cheshire cat appear and disappear. I took it out of the package and smiled as I looked at it, but suddenly my mood shifted from happiness to terror as the lights dimmed to near black and the song playing in the lamp "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Bat)" started to warp into distortion. Then I soon heard this poem being recited:

Poor little kitty, what have you become?
You have been hidden, forgotten, shunned
The one that you love, where is she at?
I bet that she is still blind as a bat
She turned a blind eye to the pain that you suffer
You will disappear and soon turn rougher
Get rid of your emotions, they will make you tougher
Just follow me and we can cuff her...

...Save me Caitlin...

I dropped the lamp and urgently told my family, "WE NEED TO GO! NOW! HURRY!"
They saw my urgent and terrified state and even noticed the lighting had changed. Without saying a word of protest or anything, they nodded and started to run as fast as they could, while I was behind them. I never looked behind me but continued to hear voices calling to me to come back and save them. The door to the exit never seemed to far away, but when we got out, the light flashed at us and blinded me.

As my eyes got adjusted, I noticed that everything around me had turned animated. I looked at my family first off and saw that their bodies were completely replaced with money (grandma was a $50 bill, my brother was a $10 bill, and mom was $100 bill) except their heads, but they didn't seem to take any notice or even be aware. I in turn looked down at myself to see that I was wearing a pure white, simple dress. They fell out of urgency, but I was still terrified as I saw the Disney representative hand us each something to describe us on a torn-in-half $100 bill.

Caitlin: As sharp as a snake and as loyal as a wolf
Sandy (my grandma): As strong as an ox and as thick as a bear
Cooper (my little brother): As fierce as a lion and as talkative as a macaw
Corrina (my mother): You aren't in the same class as any of them

All except me and mom were happy with the descriptions. I was feeling terrified and scared, while mom felt insulted. We started to walk to leave the park, but as we did, I would notice mom's dollar body would decrease in value and crumple up on occasions while grandma and my brother's wouldn't.
As I was helping my brother down from a high jump, I started thinking about a conversation I apparently had with grandma as we were walking. "Your mother doesn't appear to be doing so good... She looks like she's getting weaker every minute we're here..." she told me.
As I was thinking about what she told me earlier, I started crying and looking towards my mother as her dollar amount changed from $2 to $1. "Is she going to... die?" I had asked grandma.
"I don't know... Stress can do a lot to a person..."

After I recalled her saying that, my mom collapsed as her dollar amount changed from $1 to $0. Grandma and my brother cried out and ran to her side, trying to wake her up as I just collapsed on my knees and cried. I cried out for Cris, for my mom, for my brother, and my grandma, but was only greeted by darkness when I opened my eyes. This caused me to cry again. "I'm sorry! I'M sOrRy! I'M SORRY!" I cried out for the last time.

"Poor little girl...
She just lost everything
She lost her love and her family
Those that matter to her are now gone...
She apologized too late...
In return for seeing this,
what are you going to do to show you are sorry, Caitlin?"