Akatsuki School: Tobi's Field Trip

Akatsuki School Special: Tobi's Field Trip

The next day, Tobi and friends went to school; they sat down at their seats and saw a written announcement on their desks. Tobi was new, so he didn’t know what they were. He looked at the paper and threw it away. “Tobi, what’d you just do that for?” Deidara said after Tobi threw the paper in the trash.

“Tobi was throwing away garbage, because Tobi is a good boy!” Tobi replied.

Deidara stared at Tobi wondering why the heck he was friends with him. “Tobi, that’s an announcement from the leader/principal. That’s telling us something fun is going to happen un,” Deidara explained to Tobi.

“Oh,” Tobi said.

Tobi then fetched the wadded-up paper from the trash. Tobi straightened-out the paper and then read it out loud:

To all the Akatsuki first graders,

We are having a field trip tomorrow, so pack a lunch and bring anything else you want to bring, which includes toys, cameras, etc. Please note, we will go to the gift shop once we are finished with the field trip, so I suggest if you want to buy something, bring money. We will not pay anyone for the things you get; you must use your own money, so no stealing. We will be gone all day, so don’t bring your bags or books. Thank you for your attention.

~The Leader

“What’s a field trip, sempai?” Tobi asked Deidara who was still standing by the clueless Tobi.

“You don’t know anything do you?” Deidara said annoyed, “a field trip is when you leave school to do something fun and adding to that, we don’t have any homework.”

Tobi nodded his head and he and Deidara went back to their seats as Sasori was still reading the announcement.

While Deidara, Tobi, and Sasori are busy, let’s check on Itachi and gang. “So, we’re going on a field trip…” Itachi read.

Itachi sat at his table with Kisame sitting beside him and Hidan and Kakuzu loomed over them. “Yeah, I wonder where we are going this year,” Kisame said wondering.

“Well, last year we went to the movies,” Hidan said.

“Yeah, I remember, Itachi got mad about the arcade machine for eating his dollar and he destroyed it, I was committing armed robbery with Orochimaru, Sasori tried to kill someone and add them to his puppet collection, Hidan was having a cussing match with a worker, and Kisame was flipping out because another worker was eating sushi. After that, we were banded from the movies,” Kakuzu reminisced.
“Thank you Kisame,” Hidan directed towards Kisame for almost killing that worker.


“You’re a shark, Kisame, get over it,” Hidan said.

“But still, I wonder what the field trip is going to be tomorrow,” Itachi wondered too.