I'm a killer.

'No no no no no no no.' I started to panic as I paced around in my own subconscious. My conscious self was being led down the stairs in Sasori's basement and I couldn't do anything to stop it. I was going to become Sasori's new play thing anyway! Disregarding the fact that I tried to kill myself so I wouldn't be!

Through the eyes of Alex

It was only a few minutes ago that this red headed stranger known as Sasori offered to tell me my past. Everyone else in this place just lowered their head and kept moving on, including some odd man with stitches all over his body. When I saw him, something stirred in the back of my head, but no memories, nor anything else, came to the surface to tell me what he was to me. That same stirring in the back of my head was going on as I followed this, Sasori, person.

He only said one thing to me at this point, that I killed my entire family. I couldn't accept or deny this information so I waited for him to say more, but he never did.

When we reached the bottom of the steps he led me into a room with lots of odd looking levers and buttons with things flashing everywhere. To the far wall of the room, there were dozens of these odd looking (wooden?) things all hanging limp. Some looked like people, some looked... disturbed. Sasori motioned for me to sit on a table that was covered with blood, if I was a killer, I shouldn't mind that. I hopped up onto the table...

My arm started to hurt, all of a sudden. But just as fast as it came, it vanished. I ignored it.

"Alex." He began as he sat down in a chair and rested his elbows on his knees, "You were once a sweet, sweet little girl from the Sky Village. You were an angel. But." he paused, "On your 16th birthday, a darkness crept into your heart and turned you from Angel into a demonic monster who only wanted to kill. You then proceeded to kill... everyone. Not just your family, your friends, your lover, children, animals, no one was safe from your reign of terror."

These few details began to sink in, and I accepted them. My facial expression, never changed.

"For years, hundreds of years to be exact, you wandered the world, murdering anyone who gave you a dirty look. But, recently, you became somewhat tame. You joined us here in the Akatsuki and only killed those you chose. But, there was one man here who wished to awaken your killer instinct and use you, he wanted to use you as a mercenary... his name is Kakuzu. He is the man with stitches all over his body. His eyes are a dastardly red and green, and all he wants is money and will do anything to get it. Even put everyone we know in danger."

As I nodded, signaling my acknowledgment of what he said, my head began to hurt like mad. Something wasn't quite right, maybe it was my demonic counterpart?

Suddenly, several scenes were playing before me. All going at a speed I couldn't comprehend. I grabbed a hold of my head and pulled it between my knees. Then, one of the scenes stopped at the man named Kakuzu... and me. I was stitching something into his chest, it said, "Alex's" right over where his heart should be, and under that... a heart... the scene abruptly changed to us sitting next to each other with his cloaked wrapped around me and we looked... happy.

Then... they were gone. Who am I?

And as if Sasori read my mind, he said, "You're a killer."

"I'm a killer."