Alex... NICE?!


XPuppetXMistressX Who thinks I should try being nice again :D

kakashi666 twirls a swrod

XPuppetXMistressX and then take bets on how long it'll last

Lyndy Lou: I don't.

kakashi666: i got 5 bucks on like 2 mins

firezero starts to read

XPuppetXMistressX Awww, I won't be boring, I just won't verbally abuse anyone. :P

morbo86: shall i be nice again?

Lyndy Lou: NEVER.

Zacman the Damned: alex, U smell

morbo86: why?

kakashi666: who thinks im nice lmao

XPuppetXMistressX Yes, I smell like Peaches~

Zacman the Damned is gonna be mean to alex till she cracks

XPuppetXMistressX :3

Lyndy Lou: Chat isn't the same without the pervyness

Lyndy Lou: or whatever

XPuppetXMistressX bring it on

Zacman the Damned hands out photos of alex and kuzu and hidan from "That night"

kakashi666 whips a tree at alex:

morbo86: alex your face is like its been melted and then frozen then sewn on upside down

kakashi666 takes one

XPuppetXMistressX dodges tree

ami15: flying trees yay


morbo86 takes picture and goes to his room

XPuppetXMistressX D'awwwww, :( how'd you get those?

Lyndy Lou: o-o;

XPuppetXMistressX Don't be mean.

Zacman the Damned mails them to Alex's dad

kakashi666: O.O

moletta went away.

XPuppetXMistressX ;___;

kakashi666 mails one to pein

XPuppetXMistressX My dad's in the hospital.

XPuppetXMistressX sits in the corner and pokes mushrooms

Zacman the Damned feels bad now >.<

kakashi666 feeds kuzu's wallet to zetsu

XPuppetXMistressX Eh, the entire Akatsuki has seen me in the nude, what's a little picture going to do? :3

XPuppetXMistressX Drake, Kakuzu isn't going to be happy with you D:

Zacman the Damned remembers how he got Kuzu to fight him X3

morbo86 comes out of room and needs more pictures

Zacman the Damned: I told him that if I won, Id take all his money and keep the ashes as a trophy :D

kakashi666: kuzu hates me already

Zacman the Damned: He went berserk :D

kakashi666 fishes the wallet out n throws it at alex

XPuppetXMistressX catches it

XPuppetXMistressX Thanks Drake!

XPuppetXMistressX smiles and skips off to Kakuzu's room

morbo86: alex your broing

morbo86: boring*

kakashi666: i got a better idea how do u scare alex

Zacman the Damned: morbo86: Watch when she goes in the room ;)

kakashi666 skips off to find sasori

XPuppetXMistressX DX Sasori is mean to meeeeeeeee

morbo86: alex's melty face is disgiusting

morbo86: just like her voice

Lyndy Lou: So mean.

LovelyRisa joined the room.

ami15: hi

XPuppetXMistressX Dave: I'm sorry my face offends you, and my voice.

Zacman the Damned: Hey Risa

morbo86: and her annoying american accesnt

LovelyRisa: i was just seeing if someone is here i need to talk to

ami15: oh

Zacman the Damned: Risa, we're all being mean to Alex until she cracks

ami15: bye then

LovelyRisa: *ACCENT

LovelyRisa: oops aps

Zacman the Damned: She thinks she can be nice

kakashi666: damn i just lost 5 bucks

LovelyRisa: *caps and i can't type

firezero: hey kiddo

LovelyRisa: wait, who's alex again?

kakashi666: its been over 5 mins

LovelyRisa: hey dad

kakashi666 throws a dagger into alexs room

LovelyRisa: Puppet?

Zacman the Damned: XPuppetXMistressX

XPuppetXMistressX Yay~ someone who doesn't know my name

LovelyRisa: I thought so.

XPuppetXMistressX well

LovelyRisa: eh.

XPuppetXMistressX didn't, but that's okay!

kakashi666: who wants to see if i blow her room up wats going to happen

LovelyRisa: I knew it, I just forgot them easily

Zacman the Damned bites alex and holds on

LovelyRisa: lol

sasusaku 4ever: hi risa

kakashi666 blows up her room

LovelyRisa: zac is rabid

LovelyRisa: hey saku

sasusaku 4ever: hmm i gtg now

sasusaku 4ever: bye

Zacman the Damned: LovelyRisa: Naw, it just pisses her off when I bite her :D

LovelyRisa: well, i'm going to go and do my homework and practice now. later

Lyndy Lou: bye

morbo86: sasu!!!

Zacman the Damned: Bai Sasu

sasusaku 4ever left the room. (Logged out)

XPuppetXMistressX looks at Zac, gives him a cookie and walks into the wreckage of her room.

Zacman the Damned: Bai Risa

LovelyRisa: zac: or... you're rabid OwO


Zacman the Damned remains attatched to alex


LovelyRisa shot and runs away

LovelyRisa: X3

LovelyRisa: later everyone

kakashi666: i think i gots an idea

LovelyRisa left the room. (Logged out)

Lyndy Lou: Later

Lyndy Lou: boooo

XPuppetXMistressX grabs the Lotus Impaler, dusts it off, and makes it disappear.

kakashi666: ok something has to piss this girl off

Zacman the Damned writes profanities on alex's back with a tattoo pen

kakashi666 feeds her robes to zetsu

XPuppetXMistressX doesn't wear her robes

XPuppetXMistressX looks at her back

XPuppetXMistressX D'awwwwww, I'll have to ask Pein to remove those later...

XPuppetXMistressX sighs

kakashi666: OMG

jctmanofsteel joined the room.

XPuppetXMistressX What?

XPuppetXMistressX ;~;

Zacman the Damned gets Alex's phone number, and puts it on a billboard, with "Call for free quickie" written under it

jctmanofsteel: o.0

Zacman the Damned: Hey drake...

jctmanofsteel: XDDDD

Zacman the Damned: U realise when the niceness wears off

XPuppetXMistressX You guys are so mean ;~;

CagedNejisGirl joined the room.

Zacman the Damned: she is gonna castrate us and skin us alive

XPuppetXMistressX cuddles Jashin

morbo86: now you know how i feel

ami15: wb

XPuppetXMistressX Awww, I'll have to remove this song from my itunes...

XPuppetXMistressX it has a bad word in it

Lyndy Lou: o-o

kakashi666 growls lightly

kakashi666: ok

kakashi666: thats it

XPuppetXMistressX :D

kakashi666 stabs alex in the foot

jctmanofsteel: >>

XPuppetXMistressX I should get some Justin Bieber!

Zacman the Damned deletes all of Alex's music and replaces it with one perpetual screech

XPuppetXMistressX Q___Q

Lyndy Lou: ._.

jctmanofsteel: -_-


ami15: god no not him


kakashi666 shoots her over n over again for saying that evil name

XPuppetXMistressX jumps up and down and cries

Lyndy Lou: ._.

Lyndy Lou: I do not like nice Alex.

XPuppetXMistressX runs into Kakuzu's room and cries, "You're so mean to me!"

morbo86 i'll make you cry alex

morbo86: ;D

kakashi666: lmao

XPuppetXMistressX ;__;

Lyndy Lou: Oh geez. -_-

Zacman the Damned: I know! Stitchy Impression always pisses her off :D

Zacman the Damned: -_-

kakashi666: do it do it

Zacman the Damned punches drake through a wall

Zacman the Damned: Shut it, pest

kakashi666 stumbles a bit

Amestar8793 left the room. (Logged out)

kakashi666 throws zac through a window

XPuppetXMistressX Oh Zac, I like that stuff you put on my itunes, it's... interesting!

Zacman the Damned sticks a death needle in Drakes eye

Zacman the Damned: -_-

XPuppetXMistressX covers head

Lyndy Lou: Anyways, I have to vaccuum.

XPuppetXMistressX ;~;

kakashi666 pulls it out

XPuppetXMistressX Too loud!

Lyndy Lou: Vacuum? yeah

FreshBlood: ahh vaccum

Zacman the Damned punches Drake into the ground

Lyndy Lou: Anyways, I'll be back later.

Lyndy Lou left the room. (Logged out)

FreshBlood Jumps up tree and hides

XPuppetXMistressX Can you guys keep it down?

kakashi666: NO

XPuppetXMistressX Hidan's sleeping~

XPuppetXMistressX ;~;

FreshBlood: no not really

XPuppetXMistressX Okay...

XPuppetXMistressX won't ask again

JBCryptic left the room. (Logged out)

FreshBlood: hidding from the vaccum

kakashi666 smacks zac in the head with a table

Zacman the Damned sits in corner counting money

FreshBlood: its after my tail

Zacman the Damned argues with shop clerk over extra 0.0001c charged

XPuppetXMistressX reads a book about God.

kakashi666: ok

Zacman the Damned picks drake up and throws him into the roof

kakashi666 lights alexs hair on fire

Amestar3686 joined the room.

kakashi666: look now u really are a hot head

XPuppetXMistressX Q___Q

Amestar3686 mutters

XPuppetXMistressX puts it out

Zacman the Damned shaves alex

Zacman the Damned waxes jashin-kitty

XPuppetXMistressX ;___;

XPuppetXMistressX D:

XPuppetXMistressX JASHIN?!?!?!?!

jctmanofsteel left the room. (Logged out)

XPuppetXMistressX holds Jashin

morbo86: gosh i didnt think she could get uglier

XPuppetXMistressX It's okay little kitty... it's okay ;__;

kakashi666 posts baby pictures of alex in the main hallway of the hideout

ami15: oh wow this is sad

XPuppetXMistressX :D I was an adorable little baby~

Zacman the Damned: Jashin looks like this now :D

kakashi666 mumbbles to himsel


Zacman the Damned: x3

Zacman the Damned has unbreakable chat

kakashi666: thats it time for the all time thing that pisses people off


XPuppetXMistressX puts a hand on Jashin and heals his maimed body

XPuppetXMistressX :D I love Barbie!

XPuppetXMistressX She's so pretty~

kakashi666 bangs his head on the wall

ami15: honestly I'd rather here that than be Rick Rolled again

Zacman the Damned: Hey alex, wut u think?

Japan joined the room.

ami15: hi

Japan: hey

morbo86: clonie

kakashi666: i hate

kakashi666: u

XPuppetXMistressX I love that song!

ami15: Ima kill you zac!

kakashi666 left the room. (Logged out)

XPuppetXMistressX Rick Astley is SUCH a good singer!

Zacman the Damned: It was aimed at ALEX, the rest of u are just nosey

Zacman the Damned: jeez

ami15 strangles zac

cloudrunner joined the room.

Zacman the Damned strangled

ami15: hi

cloudrunner went away.

cloudrunner: hello

ami15: Yay for sarcasm!

kakashi666 joined the room.

Zacman the Damned: wb

kakashi666: ZAC IMMA STAB U

XPuppetXMistressX Welcome back Drake!

Zacman the Damned: I WHISPERED 2 U NOT TO CLICK IT

CagedNejisGirl: Wb

ami15: You didn't tell me!!!

kakashi666: wait alex happy to see me

kakashi666 ish scared now

XPuppetXMistressX It's not nice to stab people though :(

kakashi666 ish scared of this new alex

kakashi666 hides behind nana

XPuppetXMistressX You're... scared of me?

CagedNejisGirl hided behind

XPuppetXMistressX ;~;

kakashi666: before no

kakashi666: now yes

kakashi666: wait i just got an idea on how to piss her off

kakashi666 flips over nana n kicks alex in the head

XPuppetXMistressX x___x

XPuppetXMistressX holds head

kakashi666: i aint scared of u ur 2 weak even frank could kick beat u

XPuppetXMistressX owwwwwwww

Zacman the Damned: Oh, alex, your wallies are amazing ^^ They're awesome

XPuppetXMistressX I know... Drake... I'm pathetic...

kakashi666 shoots her in the head

XPuppetXMistressX Thanks Zac! I try really hard you know?

XPuppetXMistressX holds head again

XPuppetXMistressX Owwwwwie ;___;

XPuppetXMistressX I'm getting a headache >.<

Zacman the Damned is gonna hold the fact that alex admitted against her

kakashi666 plays loud music

morbo86 left the room. (Logged out)

cloudrunner left the room. (Going to jumping at the walls)


XPuppetXMistressX :'(

XPuppetXMistressX You know what my favourite band is?

kakashi666 bangs pots by alex's head

Japan: XPuppetXMistressX: Linkin Park?

XPuppetXMistressX That sounds lovely Drake!

Japan: that is a band? Okaaaay

kakashi666 atleast she aint calling me the other thing

XPuppetXMistressX I like the Jonas Brothers

XPuppetXMistressX *_*

kakashi666: ok screw it i give up

kakashi666 hops up in a tree

XPuppetXMistressX They're so KEYUTE!

CagedNejisGirl: :/

ami15: :O

CagedNejisGirl: Zac, ya know, I will kill you..

CagedNejisGirl: >>

kakashi666: I GOT IT

kakashi666: NANA HUG ALEX

Zacman the Damned: CagedNejisGirl: lol U got rolled too? x3

firezero: hey

CagedNejisGirl: ah?

XPuppetXMistressX I like hugs~

Zacman the Damned: Nana

kakashi666: just do it hug her

Zacman the Damned: Hug Alex

CagedNejisGirl hugs Alex

XPuppetXMistressX hugs back

kakashi666 jaw drops

CagedNejisGirl: o.o

Zacman the Damned: ...

XPuppetXMistressX 3 You're so nice~

kakashi666 hugs alex

CagedNejisGirl: I like the new Alex.:D

ami15: this is like torture :O

XPuppetXMistressX hugs back

XPuppetXMistressX :D

kakashi666 lights in flames

Zacman the Damned got one idea, but if it works he will be killed slowly and horribly

XPuppetXMistressX So many hugs!

jimmerlee joined the room.



Zacman the Damned grabs drakes hand and sticks it down alex's pants

XPuppetXMistressX D:

ami15: :O oh wow

ami15 hides

kakashi666: wtf zac

XPuppetXMistressX That's inappropriate!

XPuppetXMistressX runs and hides

CagedNejisGirl: O.O

kakashi666 shoots him

CagedNejisGirl: owo

Zacman the Damned: D:

Zacman the Damned shot

Zacman the Damned: I thought it'd work!

kakashi666 cover nanas eyes

Amestar3686 hides with Ami

kakashi666: u dont want to see this ok

kakashi666 slices zacs hands off

kakashi666: screw it ill be evil for alex

ami15 covers eyes

XPuppetXMistressX D:

XPuppetXMistressX Poor Zac!

XPuppetXMistressX Are you okay?

kakashi666 throws one to alex

kakashi666: you want a hand

XPuppetXMistressX catches it

XPuppetXMistressX ew!

XPuppetXMistressX Gross!

XPuppetXMistressX drops it

kakashi666 turns alex into a human pin cushin

kakashi666 n smacks her with a table

CagedNejisGirl: owo

XPuppetXMistressX :o

moletta came back.

XPuppetXMistressX I should go and sow myself a pretty pink dress!

Zacman the Damned wonders why alex was grossed out by a mechanical hand

kakashi666: PINK

jimmerlee left the room. (Logged out)

kakashi666: PINK

kakashi666 blows her up

XPuppetXMistressX It's gonna be covered in flowers and hearts! :D

XPuppetXMistressX blown up

Zacman the Damned: kakashi666: I thought that was the girls job?

Zacman the Damned shot and dies slowly

kakashi666: lmao

XPuppetXMistressX Ewwww, who would do that?

kakashi666: i got one last idea

moletta: rawr

kakashi666: but if this works im sooooo dead

Zacman the Damned holds up the pic of alex and kakuzu

kakashi666 holds up a pic of nana n kuzu

Zacman the Damned: they would?

FreshBlood left the room. (Logged out)

Zacman the Damned: O_O

Zacman the Damned: Drake

Zacman the Damned: Run

Zacman the Damned: RUN

ami15 hides behind ame

Amestar3686 hides behind Ami

kakashi666 waits for it

Zacman the Damned: dude, run

kakashi666 nails it to alex's head so she has to look at it

FreshBlood joined the room.

Zacman the Damned: she's probably on her way to your house

Zacman the Damned: with a rusty spork

kakashi666: SPORK

kakashi666: i think i killed her

XPuppetXMistressX twitches

ami15: -_-

kakashi666: nope

XPuppetXMistressX kicks Drake between the legs

ami15: oh god

kakashi666: w...b

ami15 hides behind Ame

kakashi666 falls over in pian

XPuppetXMistressX punches him in the mouth

Zacman the Damned runs for the hills

Amestar3686 hides behind Ami

kakashi666 follows zac

XPuppetXMistressX beats his head against the wall several times

XPuppetXMistressX Wait until I show this to Kakuzu.

Zacman the Damned throws a stick to trip drake

CagedNejisGirl: kakashi666: -hugged, hugs back-

XPuppetXMistressX smiles evilly