Come and get it.

This, is also because I'm bored. ^_^


It was only two days since I was paired with Onyx again, and I was still a bit jittery and my fuse was a bit shorter than usual. And well... Drake--my newest pet-- has been known to make me want to explode with anger and then blow up everything around me.


I flinched... which I wouldn't have done on any other day... dammit... why did I have to miss my little demon counterpart?

The silver haired Jashinist came into view as I rounded the corner into the kitchen, "What's for dinner Hidy-kins?" I teased. "Fuck off Alex, why hell did you put me on fuckin' cooking duty?!"

I opened the fridge and pulled out some cold steak, "Because I knew it would be funny watching you try and cook." I gave him a side glance to see him flicking me off without even looking at me. That earned him a chuckle.

"Only good thing is, you and the ugly mug will have to clean up any and ALL messes I make." He snickered.

Flinching, I looked back at him, "I'm not taking care of any cream, if that's what you're implying. And I'm going to ignore you calling my Kuzu ugly."

He burst out laughing, "Calling him ugly is being generous."

'Okay, that's it.'

"Alright, listen up you fucking cursed masturbating cock sucker." I turned to look at him, one hand placed firmly on my hip. "I suggest you stop talking shit about my boyfriend. Just because no one else gives a damn, doesn't mean I'm going to let you go unpunished."

"Well aren't you-" He tried to interupt.

I held a finger up, "Not done. I'm giving you this fair warning... because, I'm this close..." I pinched two fingers close together, "This close! To finally deciding it's time to stop the shit coming out of your mouth by making sure that you'll be shitting blood for the next three weeks."

"Like you would." He rolled his eyes and dumped whatever he was "cooking" all over the floor... some getting into my hair.

I felt Death start to wake... my harpy side... my eyes bled black, and I palmed one of the kitchen knives, "Want to play...?" I sliced off his head, carried it back to my room, and let the demon have fun with it. But, the body was left for the harpy to torture.


Four hours later, I was happily cooking in the kitchen, since Hidan was no where to be found, I wonder where he could be~

I let everyone know that we're actually going to be eating at the table for a change... since it was Halloween. Eager, I twirled my way into the dining room in my devil costume with three large platters, one balanced on my head, and one in each hand. I set the three on the table and called, "DINNER! COME AND GET IT!" One by one, each recruit and member found their way to their seat...

Kakuzu came in close to last, I ran up to him and kissed him on the cheek, whispering in his ear, "Don't eat the meat." He kissed me and just nodded, understanding I was up to no good again.

Everyone but Kakuzu grabbed some of the meat, when Deena mentioned, "Where's Hidan?" I gave her a sly look, "Of course YOU'D notice."

A caramel apple was soaring past my head a second later and I laughed, "I'm sure he's around here somewhere."

Deidara took a bite of the meat and asked, "What kind of meat is this Puppet?"

"Oh, it's the rare delicacy of Hidan's Dick and a side platter of his balls. Enjoy."