Like wings to Fly

Like wings to guard us.
He is our Halo.
Like a slave to serve us.
He is our servant.

He ran swiftly in the snow.
'Please tells, where you go?'
I asked and asked, no answer.
Nii-san quite, still no answer.

He smiled at me, with demon eyes.
He stroked my hair.
Slowing down his cat mouth parted.
'To safety, dear.'

'Safety? Safety?' I cried.
I looked down at the snow.
Ever moving below.
'Saftey. . . '

'Danger?' my nii-san spoke.
'where, Halo?' He spoke.
Halo smiled and stopped.
It was a cliff, a cliff.

This cliff was steep.
We were at the end.
The end of the world?
No, the end of time.

Below us was white,
Around us white.
Halo smiled and bowed.
'To safety.'

My hair flew passed my face.
We headed down the steep.
I screamed so loud,
The banshee was unheard.

We fell for mintues
I heard nii-san.
'are you insane'
'we shall die!'

We landed in a pillow.
A soft white fluff.
I pushed snow off my face.
Looking up to Halo.

'Where are we?'
I asked with puzzled eyes.
'why did we jump?'
I asked with shivering lips.

'There is a man.'
Halo stood to let us go.
'Slayer of your mother'
His face grew dark.

'Ka-san! Ka-san!'
we cried once more.
'Oba-chan said she left!'
I retorted his news.

'She was slain, she was slain.'
His cat eyes like mist.
'He slayed her, he slayed her.
His hand upon my head.

'Who? Who?'
We asked like small children.
'He wants your lives'
was all he spoke back.

The words kept echoing

'She was slain, she was slain.'
His cat eyes like mist.
'He slayed her, he slayed her.

He smiled a Demons smile

'Farewell, farewell'
The banshee called with amber tears.
'farewell farewell'
we called backed.

He smiled a demons smile.
Leading us through the gate.
It was him to die.
It was his amber tears

We walked into the gate.
Into the white out.
All alone, all alone.
It was a cold wonderland.

'bo-chan, ojo-chan'
He smiled a demons smile.
'who are you?'
My brother called.

He smiled a demons smile.
'I am your servent'
He frowned a demons frown.
'Your mother gave me to you'

'ka-san! ka-san!'
our cries filled the white.
'she left! she left!'
We were all alone.

He smiled a demons smile.
He picked us up in his arms.
And with cat eyes, he lept.
And took us away.

'what is your name?'
We beckoned.
'I am your halo'
He smiled a demons smile.

'He is our halo'
'He is our servent'
He smiled a demons smile.
'He is our halo'

Inside a Snow flake

'kite, kite'
look at her bright red eyes!
Shes like a candy cane.
Her porcelain skin.

She stands by the gate.
She stands to let us in.
She calls to us,
'bo-chan, ojo-chan.'

We come to the gate.
The red banshee stares back.
She cries tears of amber.
Which one will die?

'which one? which one?'
Nii-san asks.
'bo-chan, ojo-chan'
The Banshee cries.

'bo-chan, ojo-chan.'
I stare at her crimson lips.
Her blood red eyes.
Her blood red nails.

Still he repeats,
'which one, which one'
Still she cries,
'bo-chan, ojo-chan'

I lay a hand.
on crimson shoulder.
She looks at me.
Began to smile.

'Here you are! Here you are!'
A voice came from behind.
all around a white out.
all around no one.

'How may I serve you?"
It came again.
'bo-chan, ojo-chan.'
Tears of amber kept coming.

'Here we are, here we are'
he replied to the white out.
'Who are you, who are you?'
I watched the amber fall.

A man appeared, tall and handsome.
bowing at out little feet.
'bo-chan, ojo-chan'
he greeted.

'there, there, hes the one'
the banshee cried in her crimson.
he smiled a demons smile.
and stood to kiss my wrist.

'come dear, come dear'
he called.
'let me lead you through.'
he smiled a demons smile.

The Mirror

Snow falls down
Onto the soft ground
'come dear, come dear'
Oba-chan calls.

'Ka-san, Ka-san'
She was missing.
'Where is ka-san?'
The words unanswered.

'Come dear, Come dear'
She kept calling.
'Ka-san left, dear'
She kept calling.

The snow stopped.
My heart soft.
My eyes widened.
'Ka-san, Ka-san'

'Come dear, Come dear.
look what I have here.'
Oba-chan called.
Package behind her.

'Ka-san, ka-san!'
was all that was heard.
'Please dear, look into. . .
The mirror.'

It was large and red.
It was staring back at me.
It had no tears, no eyes.
It called 'Bo-chan, ojo-chan.'

In the snow, oba-chan left.
My eyes gazed to my Nii-chan.
'Bo-chan, Ojo-can.'
It called.

Step into the red mirror.
Come in for adventure.
Follow the snow path.
Be sure to come back.

'bo-chan, ojo-chan'
'come dear, come dear'
'ka-san, ka-san'
She left.