hi i’m akachi and this is my room here i will talk about stuff that happens though out the day i hope you like it.
fav anime: tsubasa rc, x/1999, xxxholic, code geass, highschool of the dead, howl's moving castle, ponyo, kuroshitsuji, death note, soul eater, FMA: Brotherhood, fma, black rock shooter, yamada’s first time, Rosario vampire
fav character's: kamui(vampire), subaru(vampire), kamui, subaru, fai d. flowright, mokona(black), mokona(white), yuko ,chaos, fuma, seishiro, lelouch, l lawliet, beyond birthday, sebby, ciel, howl, ponyo, soul, black star, kon, death the kid, suzaku, Blair, takashi, Kallen, saya, zeke, ed, al, black hayate, black rock shooter, dead master
Favorite bands: jack off Jill, linkin park, mindless self-indulgence, short stack, these kids wear crowns, nightcore

And if there’s any requests just ask

Best Friends






aka yuki


also I have an account of devinart with more artworks and stuff like that and if any of you's have an account too could you send me the link?
I would love to see your other artwork on it

here's the link to mine ----->


Tell me

Ok has anyone watched ghost in the shell? Cause dad just bought me the whole box set and I've never seen it before, I've heard of it but never seen it
So could any of you's tell me is it a good or crap anime?


Like where the hell is everybody??


Just a random question is anyone here a fan of rayman??


Just a random question is anyone here a fan of rayman??


U guys must see this guys art work and 3D gifs their so cool!!!