All About Me

Name:Rafael...but you can call me Rafa-kun o/
Height:187cm xD
Live:Vila Velha,Brazil !!!!! will discover other things about me later ^^
(Sorry if my english is bad because i'm in training ^^ )

Favorite Band: VERSAILLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *--*
Favorite music: The Revenant Choir
Favorite Anime: Bleach !! o/ But i love all the others too *o*
Favorite Game: Super Robot Taisen Z

New Year !!

Well...HAPPY NEW YEAR for everyone xD

How was your year?
My year was good xD I finally managed to make some friends on the university ^^
But the math teacher was a demon in person u.ú
Hehehe no he is not a demon but the math is u.ú
I say that but i like math hehehe xD the day was so tedious...nothing to do so i played Monster Hunter 2 to pass the time and got angry with myself because i'm a noob in this game and the Bulldrome is more hard to kill than a Dinossaur u.ú

That's all for today xD
See you o/

Hmmm..First Post xD

Bem...Meu primeiro Post aqui e não sei o que escrever o.o''
Well...My First post here and i don't know what to write o.o''
And why did i write in portuguese...*facepalm*

Well...i'm only writing here now because i'm really bored
That's all for today o.o
Maybe other time i do a better thing here xD

See ya!