All About Me

Name:Rafael...but you can call me Rafa-kun o/
Height:187cm xD
Live:Vila Velha,Brazil !!!!! will discover other things about me later ^^
(Sorry if my english is bad because i'm in training ^^ )

Favorite Band: VERSAILLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *--*
Favorite music: The Revenant Choir
Favorite Anime: Bleach !! o/ But i love all the others too *o*
Favorite Game: Super Robot Taisen Z

Yes, My Lord !!

It's Hereeeeeeeee *O*

My Sebby and my Plue *o*

So cute xD

Better than nothing !!

Well..i'm sorry for the last post g-g
I was just damm sad *facepalm* But now i'm fine !!

Now i'm nervous with my PS2 ¬.¬
I was going to play Kingdom Hearts 1 but now it's not working
My Disgaea it's not working too Ç-Ç that i can't play ç.ç
I will draw xD I want something to draw !!!
*going to look the challenges*

Alone again....

I'm really thinking that it's my destiny to be alone...
Got dumped by girlfriend because of the distance of our homes...
It's really hard...
Problems at my dad and my mom are cheating each other...
And only i know that...
And now this...
My life is getting worse and worse...
Yesterday i was thinking that i don't deserve to live...
And here i was thinking that my suicidal thoughts have faded...
I think i will go sleep now...

I'm Keitaro !

huahauhuahauhua no i'm not keitaro.
But i have his bad luck !!!!
I only don't have one narusegawa for me xP

Yesterday, i was making coffee and the pot of boiling water fell on my hand.
IT HURTS SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Pain...seems to take forever, but it gets better in running water.
Now I have a giant bubble in the finger Ç_Ç

See ya ! xD

I'm here again !!

Well...i'm back o/
Since i started working my life is only work,study,work,study
But now i have free saturdays o/
I can get my life again xD
Now i can finish the games that i have to finish like Monster Hunter 2,Tales of Abyss,Final Fantasy XII and others x.x
And i can watch my animes u.u
Talking about animes...Bleach... T-T *can't talk about because it's sad*

Well...i have to go now because i have some draws to finish xD

See you o/