Welcome to the AfterSchool Watch Club

I am creating an anime in collab with some of my classmates. My goal is to create the first episode before the end of the summer and post it on YouTube for the public to view!
This project is currently in pre-production, this World we be devoted to updates and previews for your enjoyment
(and maybe some feedback from you all?)

Please look around. I'll be trying to post updates when I can.

[Update] The Setback

As some of you might have heard already, I have recently been downgraded in my artwork equipment. So until I can save up enough to replace it, drawing this will be rather impossible at the quality I want it.
As such I have moved back into the planning phase, working on the story, script, and long term planning for the episode/series.

Fullbody Sketches

Getting the clothing and stance right is hard. I think I did okay with these five. Plus, Special look at one member's super power! That's going to be fun to animate...

Introducing the Cast

Meet the Crew!

Maya age 19, Sherwin age 17, Lajila age 15
Zach age 15, Blackblade age ???