The house points in Pottermore right now looks like this:

If you notice, Slytherins have the least amount of members, and Ravenclaw has the most. We were hundreds of points behind them, however, we've been upping the ante and slowly climbing up. Last night we finally got a couple point lead, and all day today has been a extremely close with points- sometimes Ravenclaw would have a two or three point advantage, sometimes Slytherin did.

The people with the thousands of points were actually the people who excelled in Wizard's Duel, however due to technical difficulties, it's been down for nearly a week. So now in order to gain points, members explore the chapter currently available in Pottermore & and brew potions like our lives depended on it. ಠ_ಠ

However, like in the HP series, haters like to hate on the Slytherins.

Many suspect foul play from the Slytherins, and point fingers. And I'd like to say this: I know some of the members there feel like the numbers have unfairly been tipped to our favor- and in light of that distrust and frustration, I'd like to offer a heartfelt apology.

Dear Members of Other Houses, that have accused Slytherins of cheating,

in lieu of the recent, insidious point gain by Slytherin, and our slight point lead of all other houses, it's time to apologize:

I'm sorry that Slytherins are driven, focused, and amazingly wonderful with brewing potions. I'm sorry that despite the disadvantages that faced us, we overcame them and now sit perched at top of a mountain of victory. I'm sorry that according to you, I'm acting "too Slytherin" about making points, and that by calling us "Slytherin" you're unknowingly giving us a compliment. I'm sorry that your Head of Houses are nowhere near and attractive or nosebleed inducing as ours.

Now that my truly emotional apology has been written, I hope you have the heart to realize that your worries about cheating and unfairness can now be put to rest. However, if the emotional brunt of my apology was too much to bear, I apologize once more, and hope you can forgive me.

Translation of that last sentence:

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And if you're still hating?

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