Halloween Costume

Hello, everyone. In a couple weeks, it will be Halloween. Have you all figured out Halloween costumes yet? Well, I've been having trouble coming up with a costume these last couple of years. So far I haven't dressed up for Halloween at all during high school. I really want to dress up this year, so please help by giving some ideas. I would like the costume to be something simple and easy to put together while having school and work. Plus I just missed a week of school since I was sick, so my time will be cut down even more by catch-up work. Also, I live in a climate that is sorta cold during Halloween, so something warmish is probably a good idea. Anyway, some ideas I've had are:

1)Dororo (the girl)
2)Yuki Onna (snow woman)

Please leave your suggestions in the comment box or pm me. I appreciate your advice. Thank you very much.