Halloween Costume Update

Halloween is fast approaching, and I still don't know what to dress up as. Please help if you can. I've got some more ideas, but I'm open to any suggestions you have.

1. Snow Woman
2. Black cat
3. Goth/emo/wearing black

Halloween Costume

Hello, everyone. In a couple weeks, it will be Halloween. Have you all figured out Halloween costumes yet? Well, I've been having trouble coming up with a costume these last couple of years. So far I haven't dressed up for Halloween at all during high school. I really want to dress up this year, so please help by giving some ideas. I would like the costume to be something simple and easy to put together while having school and work. Plus I just missed a week of school since I was sick, so my time will be cut down even more by catch-up work. Also, I live in a climate that is sorta cold during Halloween, so something warmish is probably a good idea. Anyway, some ideas I've had are:

1)Dororo (the girl)
2)Yuki Onna (snow woman)

Please leave your suggestions in the comment box or pm me. I appreciate your advice. Thank you very much.