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POV: Isla

As the world darkens and turns to the macabre, I have retreated to the forests that I once investigated with such vigor. My knowledge and understanding of them has served me well in these times, as have my enchanting practices. I've made a makeshift charm of forest twine and put it on the baby. With the proper enchantment, I can muffle her cries when she grows hungry or tired.

Although so far there's been no one to hear her. So few people cared about nature and the forest...

Equilibrium is a hungry and demanding child, though it occurs to me that I have no basis for comparison. Never before have I been this close to a child so young. Are they all like this?

Before Wanderer retreated into her despair at what was to be done with the child, she granted me certain powers that she told me would unfold as I needed them. "Their use will become more apparent as time goes on and on," she explained sadly, oozing her noxious tears and blinking her many eyes out of turn. "You will have what you need to have to raise the child well. She is of utmost importance...she must be carefully cultivated."

I'm not entirely sure what she meant by that. But Wanderer granted me the power to feed her and so I answer her cries now by lifting up my shirt. I rest peacefully on the moss under the tree with the child laid across my lap, and she latches eagerly, her cries quieting. I rest my lips atop her head and think of the power flowing in the milk that flows from me to her. Observer gave it to me; I've seen it run out when the baby falls asleep feeding, drooling down my arm. The milk is tinged purple. It carries some of Observer's power; I have it, and so will the child.

Observer fell into a deep slumber, fading to a blur of purple mist as her many eyes drifted shut, and I was unable to wake her. I think she was in despair at the decision she'd had to make to save her world; I look down at the noisy, fussy, grabby child I've come to love so much and wonder if I can really carry out the plan to restore harmony to the world. Even if I did, would Observer wake from her despair to see it? Such a dark and saddening thing. If I were still a Magical Girl, I wouldn't feel this bond of love. It's inconvenient, but I find I wouldn't give up. The baby fits so sweetly against me, and takes my finger in her little hand.

I think I know what Observer was trying to do, when she transferred her power to me. I can feel it flowing deeply in me now, though I have no idea how to use any such power. It will become apparent as time goes on and on...

She must not have been thinking very clearly in her despair, for I'm sure this has never been attempted before and I've too much fear to face it. She must wake up. She must wake up. She has to be there, guiding me and knowing what to do. I can't become a Lore Creator in her place. I don't have the stamina, the forbearance to know all that she knows and do all she does...and who knows if this transfer is even possible? What will happen to me if it doesn't work? Will she fade away to nothing?

I can feel myself becoming stronger everyday, even as I try to suppress it. I tend to my garden and care for the baby and practice my potions and charms. Equilibrium and I, we are peaceful creatures of the forest and that's all I need to be,

But if they bring my forest to the ground, they with their smog-belching machines and grinding woodchippers, well, I can try to call upon it and make my last stand, and become the Lore Creator that I know I would be. Between the lengths I've gone to in order to preserve the child's life and my own desperation to save the world's forests, I know exactly what this awakening power is trying to make me become.

I will be Protector.

Chicken Suits.

" Er, so why are we in bloody chicken suits now, my goddess?" The man that had attended Platinum asked Observer.

From what Platinum could make out, apparently Observer used her Lore Creator powers to make all the Memory Scavengers wear chicken suits... and not cute rubbery chicken suits... nupe, bloody cut up macabre suits made of chicken with twisted nightmarish chicken heads attached to them... Observer was apparently back into her dark humor mode again, great. Platinum saw Observer smile her twisted crazy smile, further proving this strange complex of her's had surfaced.

" Heh heh heh..." Observer laughed her creepy laugh, then twisted her head 360 degrees, which shocked everyone around her. " Heh, just getting chu all ready for the slaughter festival." The memory scavengers gasped, and one of the women proclaimed, " she's a devil imposter!!" Observer floated upwards as the scavengers began scurrying away like scared animals, giggling all the way with her eyes pitch black... she'd gone pure blank mode, just like before. A vibration emitted from Observer, and all the memory scavengers around her turned into stone; with their heads being the only thing still living so they could witness the murderous rampage Observer was about to unleash.

Platinum closed her eyes and covered her ears at what was about to happen next... she saw and heard what Observer had done before... in Nostalgia Village... she did not want to witness that again. Even with her ears covered tightly with her hands, Platinum could still hear the muffled screams and feel the vibrations of the sheer power and force Observer was releasing... Platinum dug her fingers into her head, trying to inflict pain on herself to distract her from the nightmarish display going around her. After about an hour... Observer took her time slowly killing and torturing each one in unspeakable ways... Platinum no longer heard anything... but then she felt something wet touch her hand. Platinum screamed as she opened her eyes and saw her hand and sides covered in the scavenger's blood... somehow Observer managed to fully obliterate each scavenger; with bits of flesh and bone everywhere, and the entire area covered in an inch of thick blood. Platinum saw Observer slowly fall towards the ground, giggling maniacly as she lay on the floor. " Religous zealots... selfish fools... hatred...anger... heh heh heh... they deserved what they got..." Observer muttered as she fell asleep in the blood... curled up as if she was an innocent child that played too much.

Platinum sobbed uncontrollably... it was getting worse with these sudden surges of madness... before Observer would kill everyone quickly and peacefully; and now it seemed as if she was enjoying it... Platinum shuddered. " What if Observer gets tired of leaving me alive...? By then, what will she do?" Platinum thought as she clenched her teeth, not daring to take her gaze off of Observer's sleeping body.

Why was this happening? Observer used to be such a gentle, timid Lore Creator... and now she had become some kind of dark demon. Platinum shook her head... not knowing what to do next... or if Observer would make the next move for her...

To be continued...

Platinum Returns.

A flash of radiant light blinded me for a moment, and suddenly I was back at the Inner Sanctum... home sweet home. But this was but a brief respite, for as I looked around the place, I was alarmed to see the red warning lights going off everywhere; the red hue like blood splattered among the cold, metallic white walls. I barely took in this disturbance, when the alarm's sound went off, the din deafening my ears. I tried to cover my ears, but suddenly realized I had been carrying something...or rather, someone... it was Observer again.

Observer silently looked up at me, her now pearl colored eyes looking at me as if pleading with me. Observer looked even more child-like ever since I last met her at Nostalgia Village, and she was dressed in bizarre new clothes. " Are you the one that sent me back?" I asked Observer softly. Observer didn't respond, just sadly looked away to the side. " Fine, be that way..." I muttered to her. I wanted to drop Observer onto the equally cold and metallic floor, after what she did to me and everyone else, but a motherly side of me decided against it... was it because Observer looked like a child so I naturally felt this way, or did she make me this way? I couldn't tell. All I knew was that I had to finally make my report on why I was missing, and figure out why the Inner Sanctum's alarms were going off.

As if to make the first move, an electrical charge flashed before me, and out jumped Lightheart. Lightheart looked stunned to see me again with his eyes wide open, but then he furrowed his brow and sternly said, " Platinum" to me.

" What's going on, Light?" I asked him with concern. Lightheart again looked taken aback by my response and said, " you have...feelings now? No, that's not possible... Magical Girls don't have feelings, nor do they address others by anything other then their full name. Who are you, and what did you do to Platinum?" As Lightheart said this, he summoned a metallic staff with a giant diamond embedded on top, preparing to attack with his mystic enchantments. " What are you saying? It's me, Platinum..." I said stepping back. I no longer had my guardian shell, as I was "freed" from my existence as a magical girl... so I was just a normal girl with no weapon to defend myself... against a powerful mystic, Lightheart.

Just then I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head, and blacked out as I heard Lightheart yell, "NO!"

When I awoke, I could hear soft chanting in the background, a courtesy in comparison to the loud din of the Inner Sanctum. My vision was blurry, but from what I could make out from the smells and sounds, I was definitely no longer in the Inner Sanctum. I felt a cool breeze upon my body, and realized I was naked.
I muttered sarcastically, " oh great..." and in response I heard a gruff masculine voice say, " she's awake!" I felt my head being lifted slightly from the ground by what felt to be a large hand. " Drink sister, you're dehydrated." The voice said, and as my vision sharpened, I could see a giant saucer brought up to my face with what appeared to be water in it. I didn't know what to do... as before all this, as a magical girl, I didn't need to eat nor drink... but I did witness the scientists at the Inner Sanctum indulge in this activity, so I mimicked what they did... I coughed violently as I spat out the water, gasping for air. The voice chuckled to the side of me, as I turned to look at the source, I immediately regretted my choice... a large, hairy, naked man was the owner of that voice. I suddenly had pangs of fear I never felt before, strangely different from the first time I had felt fear in the void; then it felt more like a mixture of despair and denial, but now in this instant, I felt a more foreboding feeling of fear... like I was going to possibly lose something precious to me.

The man must have read my face as he suddenly shook his hands, " no, no. Dear sister, you are among kin, not foe." As if to assure me, he gestured to the rest of his people... all of them were naked, and I felt slightly reassured seeing other women there being naked as well. The man then gestured to himself, " you see, we Memory Scavengers believe it is an offense to the goddess whom created us, to hide our bodies in clothing... that is why we removed your clothes as well, out of respect to our goddess you brought with you... as was prophesized in the First Awakenings Tome."

As the man finished his explanation to this uncomfortable scene, I heard a feminine voice scream, " She's awake! Our Goddess is awake!!" A tan naked woman came running within my view, carrying a bundle of what I presumed to hold Observer. The woman lightly put Observer onto the ground, as she ran to the forming circle of her kin around Observer. The circle of worshippers then all knelt and bowed before Observer.

I heard a childlike scream as the people did so, and then I heard Observer's voice nervously say, " p-please! Cover yourselves with clothes!"

- To be continued...

Lightheart's entry 067

Things have been terribly crazy around here at the Inner Sanctum of late. Platinum went missing for over a year now ever since she returned back to the Magical Girl World... not that I'm concerned really, but ever since Platinum left... we've been getting large scans of Ans disturbance throughout the universe. Many worlds are being destroyed and taken over by the Ans, whole galaxies disappearing from the resulting defiance levels... it's insanity. We used the Usurpers to fight off the majority of Ans in order to slow down the chaos, but the Memory Scavengers took the absence of Usurpers as an opportunity to strike the Inner Sanctum... can't those religious zealots have an epiphany and realize we're trying to save the universe? If there is a god or goddess out there, they're obviously not helping us.

*Sigh*, I've just been summoned to the main gate because of my powerful mystic abilities, there's apparently a new intruder. Lightheart out.

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POV Isla:

When Wanderer reappears, the barrier shimmers before allowing her inside.

She created the barrier before she vanished with little explanation, leaving me confused, frustrated, and more than a little frightened. My feelings in my previous life were never so intense - I could barely contain my fear pacing and twitching within the barrier. I shouldn't leave it outside of her protection, she told me - it would keep out most threatening presences that would now want my blood.

I hadn't realized until recently, but yes, I must now have blood, being a human girl. Is it red? It's probably red. Human blood is red. But everything else about me is bleached a pale white from my transformation - is it possible that my blood would run colorless as well?

I've just been considering scratching at myself to see what would come out - and trying not to become dizzy at the thought - when the barrier shimmers purple and she reappears, her tentacles furled protectively around a bundle of something. I can just barely see it through the wispy smoke that makes up her body.

"What happened? Why did you have to leave so suddenly?"

"Strange events have been occurring, Isla," she sighs, still cradling her bundle. There's something small growing within it.

It's a baby. But she wasn't born. She's forming, the way a Magical Girl forms, but I've never heard of a Magical Girl forming as an infant before.

"I made her," Wanderer says breathlessly, "But I didn't expect her to be a baby, and now even I'm not sure what to do. But we need to keep her safe until - until she's ready to fulfill her purpose."

Her purpose? But what purpose can an infant fulfill? She can't hold up her own head.

A surge of unfamiliar emotions overtakes me, similar to when I found the sentient beings in the forest, and I'm overcome with the urge to hold the child. "Does she have a name?"

"Her name is Equilibrium, and she could be the source of a lot of trouble, but we need her," says Wanderer. She's oozing thick goo and it takes me a minute to realize that it's coming from her many eyes. She's crying. "Wherever we go, she comes. We have to protect her."