Um hey everyone its Yurahime.I was hopeing you all will like my worlds.I hope to get the hang of this site soon.Well..uh..bye

Clou on a Cloud!

Aww Cloud's on a Cloud!

Thank you,animelove222

Thank you for helping
me back to my feet,animelove222.Oh and if anyone knows him,could you tell him that I made a post for him?

My heart.

My heart is broken.

To fade with you.

I want to make them pay...
for letting you die.I want to see you.Why mst we be apart?I remeber we died together,but when I awoke.I was alone....I want us to be together again.Vegnagun will make them all go away.And then,this time.we can fade...together.

Just a figment...?

What am I...really?
Am I real,or just a figment of the mind?May I be just a dream that will save you all?Or am I just your lover that may not exist.You may not know it,but I will do anything to protect you.No matter what happens.Before I vanish,disappear,or whatever.I wont let you die.