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Thanks to a certain someone, I started watching the series.
Granted, I'm only a couple episodes in, but I liked it enough that I intend to watch more.

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Untitled poem

Written almost a year ago.


Tip-toeing over faulty ledges;
On one side awaits the black forever,
a hauntingly shallow grave
which has no end.
The other offers a spine of rocks
sharpened by harsh weather,
wearing ever sharper.

The earth shakes, and I falter;
but which way to fall?
Do I retreat into the ever-deepening
grave brimming with remorse,
or would the gashes and bruises,
my warm blood, sap of the earth,
better accompany shattered bones?

I turn face to the clouds,
watching the calm eye approach,
wistful and lethargic creeping
to sit quietly in my gaze.
Ever more does my hope breed
as the storm clouds approach,
bloated with acidic spite.

Burning skin from the outside,
the consuming illness from within
mirrors the searing from without.
With a show of glad acceptance,
I rest weary arms at my sides
as acrid drops gouge my eyes,
already blinded, deluded, dead.

On the impartial ledge I wait
with scraped and bleeding soles
in the midst of perpetual onslaught,
waiting for the sun to fall,
the moon to rise, the sea to calm,
a heart to beat in the dreariness
of a soul twisted by love.

The Rescue

Another dream of mine, written in 1st person. This one I did edit more than I usually do simply because it started off as two dreams in one, and the two together really made no sense. Separating them, however, the stories became much clearer...

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Jin vs. Cassiel

For a contest~ What can I say? I love Jin. And because I haven't used him much, I threw in my own demon character, Cassiel. ...

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Spring always (well, almost always) has the uncanny ability to bring a smile to my face. And then I always recall one of my characters' histories, and I find myself grieving for a short while. A little history, just enough to understand the...

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