Feeding The Trolls For The Last Time

Before you scroll down please read this hateful article. I've linked to Google's text-only version of it. No advertising revenue or extra traffic for them.

One Theory On How It Happened...

IGN Boss: That last article you wrote about virtual hookers flopped. We need some alchemy to transform that bobobo-bo bo-bobo-ugly writing of yours. You’re on thin ice, thinner than Spike Spiegal’s legs.

Jude: I can stop trolling and write something intellectual. I did go to journalism school…

IGN Boss: Impossible! We have to think bigger! I need you to become a troll of Gundam-sized proportions. The Gurren Lagaan of trolls. Have you seen Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Jude: No…I don’t understand a word you’re saying.

IGN Boss: Well, go see NGE and then imagine that you’re piloting Evangelion Unit Troll. Come on Jube, IGN has an anime site, many of our visitors love anime, and most Japanese video games have anime-styled graphics. It’s embarrassing that you know so little about it…

Jude: But, but…I can try to learn…I’ll go see that dragon balls movie, it just came out.

IGN Boss: You’re as hopeless as…nevermind. Just have your next article on my desk first thing tomorrow. This is your last chance or you’re through. Believe it!

Jude: (Whispers To Self) OK Mr. Anime…you want a troll, I’ll GIVE you a troll…

Before And After Anime

Before Anime:

Subject looks hostile. Subject looks like she’s over worked and has a negative outlook on life. Subject is raising her middle finger, a gesture that communicates an anti-social disconnect. Subject’s hair is pulled back to emphasize snarling visage. Subject looks like she was just released from juvenile detention. Subject does not look like the type of person one wants to run into in a blind alley.

After Anime:

External Image

Subject looks ultra-kawaii! Subject has an optimistic view on life. Subject’s hair is hanging loosely over her face, revealing a free-spirited nature. Subject is making a peace sign, a gesture that communicates warmth and friendliness. Subject has a heart on her overalls, projecting love. Subject looks like the type of person one wants to adopt from a third world country and spoil with presents and cupcakes.

Serious Response

Recently, I was alerted to a hateful, poorly researched and written article about anime. I’ve seen many articles like this over the years, all found on obscure online diaries or in locked message board threads. I ignore them.

What made this particular article stand out and warrant a response was its source: It was published on respected industry mega-portal IGN and written by one of their PAID columnists. That’s right, someone was paid to write the drivel that a million forum trolls would have fought to the death to contribute for free.

Does the columnist not realize that the reason so many games have anime graphics is because many games are FROM JAPAN and that’s their art style? That many of the top video game directors are DIRECTLY influenced by top anime directors? I could go on, but fighting trolls with logic is like trying to explain the difference between anime and video games to a high school bully.

A final note to IGN: Putting a disclaimer at the top of an idiotic and hateful article does NOT absolve you of the responsibility for publishing it. What happened???

"Bossman" Adam

PS: Please, let's all be civil in the comments :-).