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"Courage and perseverance are important if one is to run anything resembling a news organization...the folks at theOtaku.com have demonstrated themselves to have ample quantities of both."
~ TCJ (The Comics Journal)

"A couple years of experience in the Otaku circle have taught me at least one good lesson--to trust Adam."
~ myO member

"Adam is actually a decently accomplished troll."
~ Allamorph

"The scale of Adam's cunning genius is truly frightening."
~ TimeChaser

Odd Rumor Floating Around

An odd rumor's been floating around that someone's trying to buy theOtaku.com

Untrue! Sadly, you guys are stuck with us for a while longer

Looper Movie

One of the best movies of the year; maybe the very best. Reminded me a little bit like the first time I saw The Matrix.

My Avatar Has Returned!

I was afraid to admit it but I lost my original avatar.

After some hopeless Googling, I found it online again. Beth had uploaded it for a challenge she made years ago.

It's back where it belongs and all is right with the world.

Wallpapers Taking A While

Sorry we're taking so long with the big wallpaper site update. It's harder than the other ones for a few reasons:

(1) Wallpaper submissions are the most complicated part of the site
(2) We want to get rid of the resolution requirement altogether, but that requires a change in how thumbnails are generated
(3) We want to increase the size requirement from 2 MB to 4 MB per wallpaper
(4) We want to add a few new resolutions

We'll plug through it, though.

Ace Attorney Review Coming Soon

I'm going to post my full thoughts on the Ace Attorney live action movie in our newsletter, which will go out this week.

The short version:

  • It's weird as heck, maybe the weirdest movie I've ever seen, which gives it value
  • It's too long and the plot is too complicated
  • It's much darker than the video games
  • The fan service/references/and cosplay make it good pick for Ace Attorney fans (I recommend replaying the first game before watching)
  • As a fan of weird movies and Ace Attorney I'm happy I saw it, despite the flaws. I'd only recommend it to people who either want to see a completely weird/absurd/"WTF" movie or people who love Ace Attorney.