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"Courage and perseverance are important if one is to run anything resembling a news organization...the folks at theOtaku.com have demonstrated themselves to have ample quantities of both."
~ TCJ (The Comics Journal)

"A couple years of experience in the Otaku circle have taught me at least one good lesson--to trust Adam."
~ myO member

"Adam is actually a decently accomplished troll."
~ Allamorph

"The scale of Adam's cunning genius is truly frightening."
~ TimeChaser

Google: The World's Biggest Art Thief Post

I'm really upset at Google right now, as you can read here. I hate the idea of blocking Google Image Search, since they still give us traffic, but the ethics with this product are just indefensible.

OB's Graphic Worm

I can't seem to find it online anywhere; anyone have a link to them?

Comment Slam

...I might have to pull a James Kirk.

Today's Promoted Fandom

The person whose work was promoted to every page had/has no idea who was behind it. It was like a Secret Santa and I'm sworn to secrecy. Awesome!

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me

That Shinichiro Watanabe has a new anime out (and with Yoko Kanno, no less).