It was a day like any other.Iruka did nothing but sit idley by wasting time.The other students did nothing but prattle on about random things.And I was stuck in this town wondering how I could achieve my goal.

Finally the sensless chatter of the other students was broken when Iruka made an announcement that he would be pairing us up into teams for the Chuunin Exams.I really didn't care who I was paired with as long as they stayed out of my way.

When my name was finally called in a pair I quickly scanned the crowd for the two I was paired with.Miyako Hyuga and Ruchi Otome.Just like I thought.They were nothing but a couple of fools.

I stood to address Iruka."If u don't mind I'd like to go it alone.I don't need two dead weights keeping me down."

Okay guys thats about all I can think of.Saku and Kyo or whoever is welcome to continue.