Welcome to Academy Days

Welcome to the world of ninjas. Interested in joining? Make an OC that will attend the academy to become Genin and then will take the Chunins. Of course there are numerous missions to be assigned to in between!

Team 1
XxRaindropsxX- Narumi Uchiha- Picture of Narumi
Littlepooch(90)- Kyoka Fusuki
Smiling Isoka(150)- Raijin Kumonari

Team 2
DarkSong(150)- Melodie Himitsu
xNotUnderstood(170)- Salvatore
Sumirechan(70)- Ai Tama

Team 3
Sakurasista(170)- Miyako
Kurai the Night(70)- Kurai
Kyouyarenge(70)- Ruchi Otome

So everyone is going to start out with 50 points.
For every post you will get 20 more.
For a contest winner there will be 100 points. If there is enough people, I'll do first, second (70), third place winners as well (60). For everyone else that didn't win, they will get 40 points for entering.
If anyone does a Story Thus Far, they will be given 100 points since I know how hard it is.


I will have two different contests as I know not everyone can draw or put their pictures up for whatever reason, so I'll do a writing and a drawing one.
Draw your character. You can do whatever else you want to for the background, just as long as your character is the main focus. Just have fun with it, ok? You can dedicate it to me so that I can keep track of it easily. If you want, you can also post it here.
Write a short story about your character's past. This way, we will get a better sense of who they are. It doesn't matter how long or short it is, just long enough where we can get the full effect.
Deadline: October 1. I give you all over a month. That should be plenty of time to work around school and whatnot.

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I was wondering how everyone was doing with making their senseis. Littlepooch, SmilingIsoka, and I are nearly finished.

If you haven't started, please start PMing your teammates to get it going so you can start posting and doing missions!

Team Up! Right...?

At last, Iruka stood up, paper in hand, and leaned against his desk. That paper must’ve had the names of people who were on the team. He cleared his throat, getting the attention of the rest of the class, and started to speak. “Okay. S...

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What did you say?

When my name was called out, I went up and happily took my headband. I didn't mind that Kurai and Ruchi were in my team at all.

But it seems like one of us had a problem. "If u don't mind I'd like to go it alone.I don't need two dead weights keeping me down."

"Excuse me, but what do you mean by two dead weights?" I asked Kurai, my temper boiling inside but only by just a little bit. No, I wouldn't hit him; unless it was necessary to.


I'm so sorry guys for not posting D: I've been uber busy lately and sometimes I forget to ^^"" I do hope we can keep this rp going now ^^



After our somewhat long lunch break we were all back in our class room. We were all talking among ourselves, well some of us. I on the other hand was spacing out, keeping to myself in my head.

Iruka was at his desk looking at some papers, probably something important that didnt involve us. Well he then stood up saying "Okay. So, you have all been working hard this week with the different parts to the exams. I got everything figure out now, and I have in my hands the list of who will be in which groups."

That excited all of us! I almost jumped over my desk, I so wanted to be in a tough team!

Iruka then spoke again after the chatter calmed, "I won't keep you all waiting. When I call out your name, come up and get your headband signifying your new status as a Genin." He then called off the list and we went to get out head bands

Team 1:
Kyoka Fusuki, Raijin Kumonari, and Narumi Uchiha

Team 2:
Melodie Himitsu, Ai Tama, and Salvatore

Team 3:
Miyako Hyuga, Kurai, and Ruchi Otome

Then he listed off everyone else but I didnt care about them. the 8 others were who I was interested in.
But when he called my Team, i realized....I was in a team of GIRLS!! I was the only guy in that team so far because we didnt have our squad leader.

"Oh man oh man this will be a hard time for me, stuck with two girls." I thought when i grabbed my head band. I then looked at my team mates and smiled so they didnt think i was down about that...well I wasnt! I was teamed with two lovely girls, both with dark hair and golden eyes.

Then Kurai talked to Iruka, "If you don't mind I'd like to go it alone.I don't need two dead weights keeping me down." he said. "Well now thats just harsh bro!"

I came to realize, this kind of set up...it might get interesting!

Well i decided to get my post in and done :3
Salvatore is very happy to be partnered with 2 lovely ladies XD


It was a day like any other.Iruka did nothing but sit idley by wasting time.The other students did nothing but prattle on about random things.And I was stuck in this town wondering how I could achieve my goal.

Finally the sensless chatter of the other students was broken when Iruka made an announcement that he would be pairing us up into teams for the Chuunin Exams.I really didn't care who I was paired with as long as they stayed out of my way.

When my name was finally called in a pair I quickly scanned the crowd for the two I was paired with.Miyako Hyuga and Ruchi Otome.Just like I thought.They were nothing but a couple of fools.

I stood to address Iruka."If u don't mind I'd like to go it alone.I don't need two dead weights keeping me down."

Okay guys thats about all I can think of.Saku and Kyo or whoever is welcome to continue.