@LL @b0ut Kami-chan.x3

First off, thank you to those who read/comment in this world! It's much appreciated! ^O^ Also, thank you to those who requested Otaku's to be featured in this world, I got quite a few so I'll be doing them in the order that I recieved them! Thank you :D

Heyo~! Today's featured Otaku is none other than Kami-chan.x3 or quite simply, Kami!<3 who was requested by SweeTea!

Oh my. Where do I even begin? As many of your know Kami is well-known around this website for her amazing graphics (check out her ICONS), wallpapers and ecards. *O* Not to mention she created a super helpful world where she, and many other talented artists assist those having trouble using photoshop. Check it out: [PHOTOSHOP-ER] Unite

And on top of all that, she's a super caring, funny, kind and adorable friend to everyone here on theO! ~^O^~

Onto featuring some of her lovely works:
1. A really interesting and vivid ecard! I love the image and the text<3 Titled: O LORD. DRAGONS!

2. Another amazing ecard and one of my personal favourites ^^ Titled: [MURCI] The typo is really stunning! :) I could go on with her ecards lol

3. A different take on an iwallie that I've never seen before! Love the idea xD Titled: [CLOCK ZERO]

And my personal favourite: [Glad You Came.] ...and now I have that song stuck in my head XD

Also, if you know an Otaku who has talent and deserves more recognition, please send me a PM to post them in my world!