@LL @b0ut Twinkles

Heyo all~~

Later than I usually post, but today's (tonight's) featured Otaku is Twinkles!

Also, special thanks to Loveinchains for recommending her~~

Here is yet another Otaku who is remarkable in their own way. I like her works, especially her wallies and ecards because I find that they're not very colourful, yet they somehow get your attention. They're really gorgeous! At least, that's how it is for me. Maybe I'm just weird XD Perhaps you'll get the idea when I add a few examples. So maybe that's what I'll do now X3

1. Not very colourful, but the purples catch your eyes, and the typo is very fitting. ^__^ Titled and i suffocate is one of my favourite ecards!

2. A gentle and tranquil iwallie, titled the most beautiful.

3. Perhaps one of my favourite 'darker' ecards titled {then he smiled at me}. The cropping was superb as well as the typo and effects~~

And my personal favourite titled: [standing on my pedestal]

So why don't you take a moment and sub to this creative Otaku who deserves it~~

If you know an Otaku who has talent and deserves more recognition, please send me a PM to post them in my world!