@LL @b0ut Yours Truly

Heyo all~~

Today's featured Otaku is Yours Truly!

ALSO: A big thank you to zombieusagi for recommending her!

Well, what can I say? I've just subbed to her, but from what I can see, I'd say she is a very talented, beautiful and inspiring artist for many on theO and beyond! With almost 300 gorgeous fan arts, and ecards/comics, Yours Truly is someone you'd want to sub too! She's inspired me already and I just subbed to her XD

Now to feature some of her lovely works!

1. SO CUTE! A my little pony, anime style! Titled MLP:FIM Fire Stater DONE

2. Based on what I've seen, she's also a very talented and dedicated baker! :D This one, titled Happy Valentines day is just one of many to prove her baking skills!

3. An ecard artist in the making~ This lovely, message inspiring ecard titled Beauty is really gentle and lovely!

4. A really cute fan art (coloured by pencil crayons? Correct me if I'm wrong ^_^) titled Pancake Chan

And my personal favourite titled: Desu Eyed Girl Coloured

She's already inspired so many great Otaku artists. She's a talented girl who deserves your sub! ^__^

If you know an Otaku who has talent and deserves more recognition, please send me a PM to post them in my world!