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@LL @b0ut DistantStar

Heyo all~~

Today's feature Otkau is DistantStar or Didi for short! ;D

Didi is one of the most cheerful, encouraging Otaku that I have ever met! She's always trying to improve herself as well as others and I find that she takes the time to listen to other people's concerns! As well as that, she is a wonderful ecard/iwallie/wallie artist respected by many people here on theO. PLUS she's from Canada *cries* 030

Now to feature some of her lovely works ^__^

1. A cute iwallie of Sailor Moon (younger version), titled Dream Big

2. A gorgeous wallie with a peaceful winter feel titled Carrying winter

3. So pretty! I love the typo and the lighting-just so perfect! Titled I Waited.

4. Again, lovely typo! Tited So Sweet

My personal favourite, titled Hope*Peace*Love

If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to sub to this fantastic artist who seems to be improving with every new work!

@LL @b0ut LoveInChains


I'll be posting more in here until school starts! :3 Today's featured Otaku is LoveInChains or your loving Momma XD!

I've only known her for a short amount of time, but I can tell that she's really nice and I look forward to developing our friendship :3 She's an master at making cool-looking ecards, iphone wallies as well as wallies AND she's into making fan arts as well. So pretty much, she's an all around Otaku! *cheers* Unqiue feature? Well, she does movie reviews (howcoolisthat)? Check out her world, Momma Love's Movies and submit a request! XD

Alright, now for some fabulous works! ^__^

1. Deadly beauty- lovely, lovely wallie! Check it out! 030

2. Super cool iphone wallie here! >//< Titled little red. Cause RED is an awesome colour; I'd use it if I had an iphone XD

3. Lovely resolution and perfect contrast for this ecard titled Dark Paradise

4. I adore the vivid violet colour on this fantastic iwallie! *__* SO pretty! Titled bleed violet

My personal favourite titled waiting for life

After seeing such fabulous works, how could you not sub to her? :3

@ll @b0ut Klassic

I've been posting a lot these days haven't I? D: Sorry for flooding your backroom, but when school starts, I'll barely post once a week (so there XP).

Today's featured Otaku is Klassic-chan or Katy! :D

I'm pretty sure a lot of Otaku's recognize Katy as one of theO's growing wallpaper artists! She's made over 600 lovely wallies, so I'm betting one of them would have caught your eye by now ^__^. Other than wallies, Katy's also really good at iphone wallies and fan arts!

I've known Katy for a long time, but I think that we've become better friends thanks to another friend on theO (Jenna, Mangakid) for re-introducing her. Katy is a very kind and outgoing person, always trying hard to improve you technique, yet still have Klassic feel to it! I'm sure if you sub to her, you'll be able to see some classic works from her!

And now some featured highlights from her gallery:
1. Did I mention she's a huge Judai fan? You should see her latest work titled G.A.M.E(on)~Judai! :D

2. A really wonderful fan art (that won third place in a challenge) of Katniss titled Keep Your Eyes Open

3. I really enjoyed the typography in this wallie titled in the (END)

4. I think she's an avid Pirate's fan! Titled Fight With Me

And my personal favourite titled Dream With Me

She's the type of Otaku who's always improving. Be sure to sub to her and watch her grow!

@LL @b0ut DeathSeraph

Heyo all~~

First post since I got back! :3 Today's Featured Otaku is DeathSeraph!

I can't really remembered how we met, but I do remember the first artwork that I saw from her profile was SO amazing, that I had to sub to her (will mention it below ;D). Her technique is different and so beautiful, I enjoy looking at all her artworks a lot (in a non-creeper sense) :3

As usual, here are just some of here amazing works!

1. Walking the dog together was the first fan art that I saw. I love the detail, the shading (and the doggie >3<)

2. Pencil art is perhaps that hardest for me, but I adore people who use it! The Young Dragon is an artwork that uses superb skill and talent with the pencil!

3. Such a peaceful, relaxing scene of England, titled Sleep well, Arthur

My Personal Favourite: PURE AWESOMENESS! This work titled Birds (yay for plain titles) is the work of a pencil crayon Master! The stroke sense and lighting is just out of this world!

I'm pretty sure you don't need anymore convincing! DeathSeraph is an artist who's talent and uniqueness is worth your sub! :D

@LL @b0ut LightFykki

Heyo all~~

Today's featured Otaku is probably a well known fellow to us all, but I feel that he should be posted in here. It's none-other than LightFykki or as I call him, Fykki-kun (ultra creative...I know XD)

Fykki is one of the most caring, kind-hearted, selfless, helpful person on theO and probably in the world as he goes out of his way to help others the best he possibly can, without expecting anything in return. He is a person who anyone can easily talk to and automatically like. He's always respectful for other people's beliefs and values, which makes him even more like around theO. And of course, I'm sure many of you have experienced his unique sense of humour XD.

If you need some more convincing, or just browse some of my favourites among his extensive amount of works.

1. A really cute card filled with inspiration! Titled Stars of Hope

2. A peaceful iphone wallie with a sense of grace and calmness: Soft wind blows through the silence

3. A cheerful wallie that just makes you smile :) Hime's Smile

My Personal Favourite: Live up your dream

So if you haven't had the opportunity yet, please take a moment a sub to this wonderful Otaku! :D