About meh!

Okay, I am a female first of all. My nickname is Sugar Kookie the Vampire Baker! I luff music and anime and art, chocolate!! My top fav anime are: Mushi shi, xxxHolic, tsubasa reservoir chronicals, deathnote, FMA, and teen titans lol! Manga are: D.Gray man, fruites basket, yoki koto kiku, and +Anima. A few of my fav bands are: Atreyu, The Gorillaz, My chemical romance, underoath, further seems forever, demon hunter, panic at the disco, paramore, showbread, simon and gurfunkle, the beatles, shiny toy guns, the cure, bat for lashes, my bloody valintine and gratefull dead.I normally dress in skinny jeans, black T-shirt, sweat shirt and lots of accesorys including 2 necklaces which are my hippie lub bead and my L ones and my plactic black bracelets. I do my hair all fringy and i look like L with brown hair lol not kidding! I luff god and hate drugs and alchohol. I write poetry (will make seperate world for poetry and lyrics) and I have written songs. pls comment luff u all! oh i forgot! In the land of books and comics.... I lufff the umbrella academie!!!! i knows i spellded it wrong! i also like squee and JTHM. I luff emily the strange 2! In novels I like The inheritance trillogy(eragon, eldest, bringsinger) the circle trilogy (black,red,white) and the vampire kisses series (vampire kisses,kissing coffins etc.) and for movies: Cloverfield (i lufff watching dat chick blow up! lol) the grimlens, coraline, harry potter, and all tim burton films. Im like hippie, emo, punk. my motto is make music not war and my fav inceance flave is iris! im a pyro to!!!!!!!! FIRE!! i am single!


lol hahahahahahahaha! i just made all who read this LOSE THE GAME! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH sucka!

Stop the war!!!

Hey we should all agree that war is not good! why cant we live in pieces (peace) together and make rockin cool music? come on brothers let us rise!!!! >.<

Do you like "Pon and Zi"?

I LUB PON AND ZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its sooooo goood i dont think i have a fav though its to hard to chose!

ANIME CRUSHES! (u know u gots one!)

HEY ALL! Is me!! K i wauz boreds and stuff so i just wanted to know.... WHOS UR ANIME CRUSH!? Mine would have to be bettween Ginko, and L!!!! Wait a sec L wins!!!!!!! We have sooooo much in common! We sit the same way do our hair the same way and our make up is the same and Im a sugar adic!!!!!