This world is exactly what the title states.
This world will be about poems I have made up.
Poetry, maybe from time to time Prose.
Or some song lyrics.

~Please have fun reading~

Who do I choose?

A simple Tiger, fought over by two. A stubborn bull, And an Eagle who soars true. She must choose one, But to one, her heart belongs, The other all alone. The Tiger shared much history with one, Yet the ...

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Fur Trader Song

Down the hill - We go, No place on our mind, But in our hands holds a fortune, That's made of furry pride. We worked all day to track, Down the one we seeked, We bagged him up and took his head, Now his s...

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Amore Mio

I thought I had it all, My heart was full, Until it crumbled to the floor. I smiled and laughed, We played together, We were happy. Then darkness came, Three hung with rope necklaces, And you disap...

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Ezio Auditore Ezio Auditore, You could red him like a story. He became the Master of the Creed, After several good leads. Katniss Everdeen...

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A flower garden

Tall sunflower stalks began to swing their golden fists in the breeze. Purple violets danced in the wind. Tiger lilies growled loudly. Foxgloves quickly sneaked away. Roses sand a wonderful song. Yarrows healed the in...

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