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This is a place to share what anime or manga you either are watching or reading, or have already watched or read, and your thoughts on it.

Is it good? Should others read or watch it as well? Or should they stay the hell away from it like the bubonic plague.

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Arakawa Under the Bridge (Manga)

A guy who can never be indebted to anyone due to some insane family belief finds himself indebted to a girl named Nino, for saving his life. He later finds that she lives under the Arakawa Bridge. Now, since he can't be indebted, he tries to fin...

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Bakuman (manga)

Do you dream of being a mangaka, or simply wondered how manga are made? Then this is the series for you. ...

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Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (TV)

I was meaning to write a review on Beck ever since I watched it. A lot of people said it was awesome and worth watching, so I gave it a try. But since Shinmaru wrote an ...

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Five Star Stories (Movie)

"Arrakis. Dune. Desert planet..." Okay, not really. But Five Star Stories does evoke a s...

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.hack//XXXX (Manga)

It disturbs and saddens me that there are not many .hack manga that are actually good. That’s not to say that they suck donkey balls, but they’re not something I’d typically want to pick up. And this is coming from a fan of the s...

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