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A Wizard's List!

This story centers around myself and Yoru Kage. It takes place a few centuries before The Butterfly Pearl. So, I guess I'm somewhat of the prequel! XD

Please, read this with these rules in mind.

There will be violence, bad language, and context of shounen-ai/yaoi. But, this story is also a good read and there are some great parts, I'd like to think. So, sit back and relax. Enjoy it! ^_^


Chapter 07

Yoru blanched, "He's still going to invade?!" "Ah, wait!" Inari's cheeks were turning pink, "I didn't want to start a war! People are going to die because of me!" Saoto frowned and crossed his arms, "I hope you've learned a lesson in...

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Chapter 06

Lightly, their footsteps treaded along the dark trail, their thoughts silent. Nia found herself constantly looking at the back of Yoru's head, lost in thought. Then, she'd come to her senses and look away. Yoru was walking ahead of her, head down,...

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Chapter 05.3

The trees sped by in a flurry of green and yellow as Yoru bounded through the forest, hopping over boulders and fallen logs. He just needed to clear his head and get away for a little while. His blood was still boiling and his face hot from the ar...

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Chapter 05.2

Morning came early in the woods. Inari sat up in bed, rubbing his green eyes and yawning widely. As he blinked the sleep out of his eyes, he peered around the room and spotted Ringo slipping on a fresh shirt. "G'morning, sunshine!" R...

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chapter 05.1

Only one thought was able to cross Inari's mind, "No way, that cat is your teacher, Yoru-san?!" "Y-yeah..." Yoru said quietly, shakily. The calico hopped from the wall and stepped towards the dark-haired Wizard. She stopped a few feet away ...

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