Happy fathers day.

Dear father,
I just want you to know that
I love you and need you more than you know.
You have a place in my heart that none can deny
and you lift me up because you were always by my side.

I love you because there are things that you say
not with words
but by the actions that you display.
Thank you for being there because I couldn't possibly ask for more
I couldn't ask for a better dad than the one
that I've been blessed with by the Lord.

I came into your life as I did the same
you took me in and shaped me
becoming the lady I am today.
You are more than just a man
and more than just a figure.
You are someone that I call daddy
A superman
A spider man
A man above them all
because no villain could beat you down.
A man of God
A man I respect
A man who holds his family up.

A man so special
he needs his own day
And because of this

by: chichi6