My Last Poem Created by cherryhater101

On this joyous day
The angels shouted hooray
Finally, this waste of life,
She's gone
Gone for good
She'll no longer be alive
To be the freak
Of the neighborhood
Those sad eyes
Will no longer cry
Because this self-hating loser
Has said her last goodbye
She's planning her attempt
Like she has been for a long while
But it's clear to her
That no one will cry for this lost child
She has lost the game
And now her name in the paper
Is her only chance at fame
She had dreams
That her parents crushed
Her tears and cries for help
Always seemed hushed
She would like to thank her friends
And her aunts
For having her back
And never questioning her
When it was obvious she was under attack
She would like to ask her mother why
She gave her daughter
So many reasons to die
She wants her dad to remember her
As the girl he once loved
Not the one he tortured
And with these requests
She pulls out her blade
She knows that at this point,
She can't and won't be saved
She's a daughter, a neice, a granddaughter, a cousin, and a friend
With one too many wounds
She just couldn't mend
My name is Chrystal
And today I finally tried
To make my greatest wish come true
Because I'm about to die