;v; ahh. i forgot to say this (my DAwatchers would know about this though)

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Update: 18/April/2010
I reorganised the questions to make it easy to read


Oh, and if you got anymore questions just leave it as a comment here, and ill add/answer it ^^



Whats your name?
I'm known as lulu/luluseason also Kimlei on some places
call me any ^^

How old are you?
8374847293 years old.
24/12/93 is my birthday~ so do the maths...if you can haha. xD~

Where do you live?
im your next door neighbour I live in the UK :D

Have you ever been attacked by BEES!?!
I can honestly say NO lOLLl xDD dont want to be either haha.

Do you have an English accent or the like for living in the UK?
LMAO. i have a vague english accent MOST PROBABLY. i cant tell. since im surrounded by everyone who speaks with my accent?? LOL
just so you know, im a BBC (british born chinese) my accents is probaly weirder than most peoples haha.

Boxers or briefs??
;www; Briefs.........................................hah...


what year did you begin drawing?
Err. i think it was in 2005. when i was 11?? drew pretty much everyday from then on haha.

Who is your idol as a drawer?
With Manga i like the artwork of Oouchi Natsumi a lot, [im a stupid shoujo art lover LOL]
with general arts, Browsing through Pixiv is like a walk in a dreamland xDD
the art there is soo amazing ;w; they always inspire me/motivate me.

Were you self taught?
yup, i bought 1 of them american "how to draw manga" books when i was starting off LOLLLL, and that book is now dusting away under my desk somewhere.
xD Just developing your art style through what arts appeal to you is the best way i think ^^ screw them "how to" books LOL

What inspired you to become an artist?
hmm.. nothing really. "Artist"... rather self-claimed artist? haha xD
I guess i just fell in love with manga art? and REALLY enjoyed drawing it, so carried on drawing,

Of course then i started seeing the amazing artwork on the net, and that encouraged me to improve more.
having the thoughts like "I want to draw like them" or "I will catch them up someday" C: so i would say,
More over Inspiration, its Motivation rather than anything ^^


What Programs/Tools do you use to draw?
Digital: Paint Tool SAI, Photofiltre [for text], Wacom Bamboo Fun [SMALL/white]

Traditional: 0.5 mech. Pencil, Rubber, 0.05 pen, 0.3 pen etc.
It is my mission to hunt for fine pens LOL

Traditional colouring: i dont usually do this, but i would prefer, colour pencils, and watercolour ;ww; i want to try copics someday~

Do you hav any tips for drawing you wouldnt mind sharing?
D; err not really, just dont frown too much when you're drawing ... you'll get wrinkles >W< LOLLL

About how many times do you doodle a day?
i dunno about how many times, but i usually only do that, just before i go to sleep haha. ^^
Computer colouring is done in daytime though xDDDD

How do you draw the eyes in you drawings?
it varies a lot. usually i draw them like this though
[you might recognise that drawing hehe]
1) start with the eye lashy bit
2) then draw the shape of the eye ball
3) do the bottom lashes
4) shade/decorate the eyeball

Can you draw with music on?
Yeah i do ;ww; i have it on all the time =w= cant draw in the silence. lol
If yes, what music do you listen to?
hmmm. lots of different ones. i like listening to J-POP
stuff like morning musume, YUI, and Ikimonogakari, Vocaloid covers/stuff~
;ww; and the OPs and EDs of animes i watch haha~~

If you could pick only one of your OC's to draw for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?
:D it would have to be.. CHORUS~ xDD she can fit any theme. so i would never get bored haha

i really wanna know how you do your lineart!
Ottl~~ xD my line art is messy. but heres a few tips anyway:
1) use the pentool at 2-3 px (the smaller the more fine they look
2) Draw on a large canvas mine are usually 1500px width +
since when you resize it. it looks neater :DDD LOLL

i guess to get neater at it, you just got to keep practicing~ OTLL i need to xDD
i rush them too much haha


Are you available for an art trade/collaboration yet?
gajgdjgjds. you may ask, but high probabilty chance of me declining.
however catch me at a good time :D and you might be in for a bit of luck haha.

What do you think of my art?
i cant possibly answer this for everyone. ^^;;;
;D everyones art is unique to their own style. ^^ so what do you think??

What does 66cha stand for?
"66" can also translate into lulu, in japanese. using the number "thingy..."
and cha means Tea/ both in Jap+Chinese.
;w; so putting them together 66cha -> lulutea.

so its just random hehe.

its was originally the name for my blog. but i didnt make it.
and decided to call my world that instead ^^ (its kinda like a blog anyway)

How much does sai cost?
;ww; just see the official site:
Psst. its free if you can find a Full Program download of it. revealing no more info after that~ hehe

Where in the world did you get a 0.05 Pen?!
ahh, i bought them here:
:w; hehe my brother buys gundams off them. i like their pens xD
they sell them cheapest there. other retailers are RIP-OFFss D<<
its 0.05 but its probaly not any diff to 0.1~ you can try them if you like.