Worst Day EVER

Suffice it to say, today [Saturday May 30th] had to be the worst day in the world for me. [/stabs day with a rusty fork billions of times over]

For one thing, I sliced my arm open [downwards] on the cash register at work, so I was bleeding all over the lingerie [it's less fun than it sounds]. I didn't think anything of it, so I just sanitized my arm and wrapped it up. [Later I had to go to the hospital for it though; I was losing too much blood. FYI; emergency rooms are SLOW]

Next, feeling a bit guilty about the previous things, I wanted to go and see Mattieu [my boyfriend]. Cutting the details, I found out he is sleeping with his ex, and has been for about a month. FML. =___=

After a while, I got sick to my stomach from crying so much and had to take some knock-out meds. Dx

So yes. Today REALLY sucked. =__=;; [/goes to sleep it off]

A Little Intro; then a bow.

Well, I figured I might as well make a little introduction for myself, seeing as, somehow, I had forgotten. xD Oh well. Here goes...?

What I respond to: [Reilie]
Day I stunned the world: [01.13.91]
Sex: [Male]
Length: [5'11">
Mass: [127 lbs]
Hair: [Chestnut]
Eyes: [Blue]
Que j'aime: [Mattieu.Singing.Dancing.Drawing.Writing.Tofu.Sleeping]
Que je destest: [Dirt.English.Math.School.Feet.]

More to be added, I'm sure. I talk a lot... so yes. xD Definately more to be added. Erm... Oh yes.


1. While creating the name of the World, I tried to make it look fancy and use the character map. As you can see, I failed. VERY FAIL. In any case, it was supposed to say my name. xD Maybe you'll be able to read it within a post....? Яέίłίέ ? Maybe. I dunno.

2. I'm not sure how often I'll be uploading posts on here. Don't expect regular dates or anything. xD

3. I really just wanted there to be an even number of updates. Well, three is not actually an even number, but it's like... well known, common... Well, you get what I mean. If you DON'T get what I mean then that is just to bad for you. Maybe you need more school. e__e

~ Reilie