Design help!

Trying to redesign the outfit for my OC Suzume.

She wears roller blades and battles in fighting tournaments, of which most of them she is known as a veteran.

She's supposed to look tough, but feminine (ugh, so hard).

I don't even know if I like any of these designs...;m; She's so hard to design clothes for 'cause she's so picky...>3>

Her name is Suzume which means Swallow, so I tried to make her look more like a swallow.

I like the one in the middle for the colours, but the design looks more like a super hero design rather than a fighting tournament character design.

I tried looking at fighting game characters' designs...but then I realized that they all had a certain theme like 'the chinese character' or the 'goth/punk girl' or something...I don't know what her theme is...the video game hoarder roller blading girl?

Also the one in the middle looks less practical. It looks like she'd get hot in it or get her sleeves caught on something...O.o; But not every clothing design is practical...I guess...*shrugs*

Please tell me your opinions!

Also tell me your colour opinions!

Her main colour is pink, but I'm not sure what pink goes good with...I like pink and yellow...;w;