I drew Klan in colour~! I was going to change his design...but I really do like his hair.

But since I haven't really give you guys much about Klan lemme just tell you what I have so far with the new design.

Name: Klan
Age: Unknown (Probably in his 20's)
Gender: Male
Personality: Friendly, cheerful, talkative, sly, intelligent
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 132 lbs. (He's VERY skinny and most of his weight is made up in muscle)

His is a high school drop out, but is a genius (so that's fair). He is very, very rich and is basically like Mark Zuckerberg, owns a hugely popular websites, yadda yadda, but he also inherited a huge electronics company from his father, so he runs that. He likes to keep his identity hidden, though, so he doesn't have to dress up all fancy and can wear what he wants. Most of the time nobody knows who he is and just think he's some guy.

But he's not just some guy, he's very attractive (now...I could mean handsome or something...but I don't mean it in that way) and has many eyes on him at all times because of his unique appearance.

Now he sounds perfect, a genius, super rich, very attractive, but he has several mental and health problems. He has a heart problem which prevents him from doing many athletic things besides just plain working out. He also rarely has an appetite, which also hinders him. He is constantly weak, so he never does anything to strenuous. He's also blind in one eye...but that's from his doing...he wanted to be blind in one eye. Why? 'cause he's mental.

He is rather eccentric, though he is everything that people want, he actually shouldn't be. He also has a very short temper, but for some reason never shows the emotion of anger...maybe he's just very good at covering it up.

He's friends with almost everyone, but he is BEST FRIENDS with Reese...which I think I've only drawn once. He's very good friends with Reese because Reese shares his beliefs on education and other such matters, is also rich, and is easy to use.

Klan's not a good guy, but people think he is.

That's the whole point of there character...as cliche as that may seem...I wanted him to be the perfect guy, the ideal guy, but since there is no such thing as the ideal guy I made him also the worst guy.

Oh! To destroy his victims he uses a device that he got somehow where he can send thoughts or actions to the minds of other people through text messages or calls.

I dunno what I'd use him in...'orz But I do like him.