Avatar OC Girl

Imouto Chan wanted to see this so I went ahead and made her already.

My old design for her was very confusing and there were lines everywhere...so I just made them tubes...XD

On the left is her as a ninja, and the right is her as a fire dancer.

She is a fire dancer (there has to be some kind of dancers maannnn) in other words she is a fire bender and dancers for her job. On the outside she seems very cheerful, heartwarming, charismatic, but inside she's manipulate, sharp, and cold. She is secretly a ninja.

She focuses on messing up other people's bending for instance making the water boiling hot when they don't want it, melting rocks, and creating tordnadoes (small ones...XD).

She isn't particularly powerful, just very technical. She spends most of her time being a trouble maker rather than actually going out and confronting somebody in battle.

Most of the time her victims battle her without knowing it.

She is covered in lies. She has lived her life under so many lies that she sometimes can differ between the two, even if it's herself. She's borderline bi-polar.

She uses her tubes to breathe underwater, breathe in a smokey place, and it's also a way to channel out the heat. She is also very technical.

Although she seems sweet she can easily stab you in the back.

'course she does have feelings...>3>

I don't have a name for her yet. Well...her old design did...her name was Yukihana. Now does that make any sense for a firebender? Didn't think so.

I'd probably call her Hana 'cause she looks sorta like a flower, doesn't she? And it looks American enough.

Oh, and those eyebrows~! I just love those kinds of eyebrows~! >:D

She'd probably be in Korra times...'cause I don't see that kind of technology back in Aang's times...I dunno if she lives in Republic City...Probably does...she'd probably get the best business there.


Check out that totally unoriginal design plus the really ugly design...:D