A world for all my bunches of OCs~! This way referencing them will be easy for me and you~! ^ ^

My Lovely Masumi~!

I don't know if I've every posted this, but it's an old character sheet for Masumi.

I changed his hair to purple, but now, looking back at this, I like his dark reddish brown hair better.

This is a very good reference sheet, it really looks like him! O.O I is proud of meself~! :D

See, he sometimes has his glasses on and he sometimes doesn't. The top little head of his is his normal look, the second one down (with the mad expression) is him when he's embarrassed (or usually his expression when talking to Shig), and the last one is an expression he makes for the fans and sometimes has. It's his playful expression, but he's not a very playful character.

He's a stick in the butt (just like me~! :D). He is really critical of how Shig runs Necromansters and never wants to step out of his little box. He refuses to wear anything girly unless he loses a bet. He is very smart and is the shortest and the oldest member of Necromansters...BUT he's not the leader..."orz

Oii, the picture in the top left is him without make-up or anything. And then the big picture is him all dressed up, what he usually looks like in music videos or photo shoots or live.

He's the keyboardist of Necromansters, by the way. He actually can't play any other instrument, but he's very good with computers so he also does the mixing.

Ummm...in music videos he would be the serious and more in character kind of person, while the others are having fun...XD He also rarely talks in front of audiences because he's afraid he might say something he regrets (because he's usually pissed by the things that Shig is saying...XD).

Okie~! Bye-bye~! ^ ^

Shoujo Manga OCs

I'm trying to come up with a shoujo manga idea...and I finally came up with one. So I drew the mainish characters, or that characters that I just thought of in chibi form~! Isn't that amazing? I never draw chibis! O.O

I don't have their names...and I don't know if I want to keep these colours...but I have who they basically are.

The main character (girl with pink hair) is always smiling and has a very sunny personality, but she's actually a crybaby and gets very sad easily. But she tries to hide that so that other people around her won't feel sad by her sadness.

Boy #1 (yes, I've seriously numbered them...XD He is officially boy number 1 by sequence of events...sooo...) is the boy with brownish-reddish hair. He is one of the most popular boys in school (of course...XD) and the main character has a big crush on him. He rarely smiles, though, but he once smiled for the main character, and she instantly fell in love. Despite his jerkish looks, he's actually very nice and gentle, but he rarely changes his facial expressions, so many call him 'Poker Face'.

Boy #2 is just as sunny has the main character. He's always happy and he's very friendly and loving. He is also incredibly caring and empathetic. He's friends with almost everyone, and he stands up for almost everyone. He's also very energetic and enjoys teasing people. All around, he's a pretty good person. (Yes, you can tell I haven't found a fault for most of these characters..."orz)

Boy #3 is a really depressed boy who has many sicknesses (that aren't actually that bad, but because his parents are so 'worried' about him, he never goes outside and he actually gets sicker) and he rarely goes to school. He always has something to be sad about and also rarely smiles, but he instantly falls in love with the main character all because of her smile (just like the main character with boy #1!). He's the 'gorgeous' boy...I'm probably going to change his design, I dunno.

So the story mostly revolves around smiling and happiness. Guess what it's called? Smiley Face~! :D

Yeahh, I know, unoriginal sounding characters...I'll fix them up to be more original...

I might change their designs, but I really do like this idea. SMILEY FACE~! X3 I wanted to choose a shoujo idea that supported my beliefs in something. And I believe that smiles can usually heal any wound.

Don't you ever have it where you get hurt, you're fine, but then somebody comes bad with a sad and worried face and then you start crying. That happens to me all the time. Which is why the main character wants to smile for everyone so that they can feel better when they are sad. Smiling always helps. And I mean smiling from another person, not you smiling...O.o; That doesn't really help...it just covers it all up...

Okay~! Bye-bye~! ^ ^

Kiyoshi Okagata

Name: Kiyoshi Okagata
Nicknames: Kiyo-kun, Kiyo-sama, Yoshi-kun, Yoshi-sama, Kiyoyo
Age: 19
Likes: American culture, visual kei, Gackt, Micheal Jackson, dancing
Dislikes: people who are bad at their profession, liars, back stabbers

Kiyoshi is the leader of BLACK|WHITE and the first member of 360 (basically the singer who started it). He began singing at a very young age and over the years became active in movies and dramas and gained a passion for dancing. He is a very famous jpop singer. Despite is fame, he is a huge fan of Gackt and often has some kind of item that expresses his love for Gackt. He also likes visual kei and often tries to use that in some way when it comes to fashion or the songs that he writes. He is really close to the president of the company, so close that they call each other father and son.

About the picture: Kiyoshi looks like a stereotypical Jpop singer, and kind of is in a way, but he is really talented at what he does and has great passion for it.

His image: He's the devil on the black side of BLACK|WHITE. He actually has no certain image or any restrictions as to what he can and can't do in front of audiences or the camera. He is allowed to be his self since he has been since the beginning of 360.

Hiroyuki Abe

Name: Hiroyuki Abe
Nicknames: Yuki-chan, Hiro-kun, Yukiki
Age: 16
Likes: Western clothing, R&B music, burgundy, gold
Dislikes: Unkindness, disrespect

Hiroyuki is Kiyoshi's best friend and the youngest member of BLACK|WHITE. He is the most responsible member and the most mature. He likes to keep peace with the other members and is often trying to break up fights and fix broken relationships. He is also the only member who enjoys sports and is often exercising in some way. He likes to keep active.

About the picture: He looks older than he really is and he also acts older than he really is. He is not popular for his looks, but for his relationship with Kiyoshi.

His image: He's the angel on the white side of BLACK|WHITE. He must be completely polite to his superiors and only speak kind words. Although he is a kind person, it's very hard to not lose his cool especially with how the other members often fight.

Mariko Takahashi

Name: Mariko Takahashi
Nicknames: Mariko-chan, Black Mariko
Age: 18
Likes: Gothic fashion, black, red, popular things, cellphones, keychains
Dislikes: Lame people, wannabes, too much noise, having to work

Mariko is your typical teenager. She's tough, but doesn't have much opinion in anything. She's usually seen texting on her cellphone. She loves to collect different keychains and she often goes shopping to get new keychains. She really likes whenever the group takes trips to places because deep inside it reminds her of school because of the field trips she would go on.

About the picture: Mariko is very fashionable and her poses show the kind of 'cool' image that she goes for.

Her image: She's a devil on the black side of BLACK|WHITE. She is supposed to sound cool and wise compared to the other members. She is also the cute little devil because of her height and appearance and is often persuaded to do cute things over sexy things that she'd like to do.