A world for all my bunches of OCs~! This way referencing them will be easy for me and you~! ^ ^

Zelda OC: Rin

Another quick picture of an OC...sheesh...I really need to get with it and post some good pictures of my OCs in this world...I will try that today! *salutes*

Crappy 5 min. colouring...XD

Here's a quick little bio:

Name: Rin
Race: Hylian
Eyes: Yellow green
Hair: Red
Fairy: Green
Appearance: Looks like a skull kid, but actually isn't a skull kid.
Personality: Out there, somewhat air headed, fun loving, mischievous, silly, creepy at times

Yupp...I'll get a better one when I post some stuff FOR REALZZZ...XD


Just some pics laying around of Klan. I need to colour this someday...>3>

'cause I never show you any Klan! TT^TT

I'm really busy right now so that's all for now!

MaxP Realism Sketches - Girls

I tried to draw my OCs for my made-up idol group MaxP realistically so I can get a better idea of how to draw them so they stand out.

I think Chou came out the best, but I think Mali looks the prettiest. I changed Mali's name from Ae Cha, which I still like, but Ae Cha is a Korean name and Mali is a Thai name and Mali is Thai and Japanese with a bit of Korean and Taiwanese and made something else...like Brazilian...O.o;

Biming turned out looking more like Minzy from 2NE1 even though I thought maybe Kyung-soon looked too much like Minzy.

I have written down their facial features for myself, so I think I can draw them uniquely in an anime style.

I'll draw the boys next. I just haven't written down all of their facial features to be noted...

Oh, I forgot some little details on these girls! Their birthmarks and stuffs! O.O

Oh, well, I'll write that down later...>3>

JUSTICE characters

These are all the characters I have so far (I need lots more):

Lemme tell you what they're like~! :D

Klan: He's a womanizer kind of guy, nah, he just likes to charm girls and often goes from girl to girl (not that the girls take him that seriously). He's a charmer. He is a one track thinker. He is very observant of other people, but he never looks at himself. He only thinks of winning the game (ummm...no game...it's a metaphor! XD) and never thinks about the chance of losing. He believes that if people were just more tolerant and everyone was at the same level then there wouldn't be as much chaos. He doesn't think anybody should think higher than anyone or lower and that people should just mind their own business.

Uhh...yeah, he's a pretty nice guy, though! XD

Reese: He's Klan's best friend. He is a loner and his only friend is Klan. His a richie rich rich guy. He's SUPAH SUPAH rich! XD And ever since he was little he was tutored, so he's pretteh smart and skilled in many areas, 'cept socializing. Though he is capable of making friends with other people and other people think of him as their friends, he only thinks of Klan as his friend and no one else. He believes that better education and education for all will make a better world. He also thinks that some outgoing people or school lovers 'need help'...O.o;

He's pretty shy besides all that...and his high and mighty thinking...XD

Rikan: 'tis the Foxy Loxy! Darn! I should've called him Foxy Loxy...'orz Rikan isn't his real name ('tis his code name...'orz no, no, he doesn't have a code name! XD). He's a serious comedian? He likes to make jokes and is serious about making good jokes. He really hates people who act serious all the time and thinks they should be shoved in a hole (though he's a hypocrite, 'cause he's kinda like that, too! XD). He wears the fox mask 'cause he can! Nah, he has a reason...I just haven't come up with it yet...'orz

Poe: You already heard about Poe. Let's just repeat some things. She's in love with Kpop fashion and tries to be very 'sexy' though she looks like a little girl. And because of this, she obviously doesn't believe in taboos. No clothing should not be worn just because it's too 'revealing'. She believes in FRE~EDOM and that everything should be free. No laws, or anything. Now, I know what you're thinking, but she likes chaos....sooo...I guess that's even more ideal for her...XD

Mikii: Mikii is best friends with Mini...and I got their names from Mickey and Mini mouse...XD So you pronounce Mikii's name liike...well...Mee-kee...and it kinda sounds like Mickey. She ish fashonable, well, they both are...XD She wears a lot of clothes with hearts in them. She is a people person and believes in big group projects and that the majority should always rule in a society because that's what everyone thinks. She's very out going and happy a lot and she has PURPLE HAIR! O.O XD

Mini: She's ish also fashionable~! XD She wears a lot of clothes with stars on them. She IS a people person, BUT she believes in individuality and that society should be ruled by the individuals and that big group majorities could lead to mainstream and boring things so it won't really help people that much. Her hair is red...not that crazy...She is also pretty outgoing, but she's more calm and a bit more mature...XD

Abyss: I love this guy~! <333 He's just an adorable weirdo who forgets a lot of things. He actually has a lot of friends, he just doesn't know it. And apparently he's even friends with the 'bad guys'...but he doesn't know this either...O.o; Poor guy...XD

Noww...these all have something in common. They all have an ideal peace (well, I didn't tell you Abyss's but...his is a secret).

How do you think the world should be to make the world more peaceful. Something complex, not something just like no money or whatever...think harder than that (there are consequences to that, y'know).

New Nameless Oc~!

I made another new OC. I drew her actual design in my sketchbook, but I don't feel like scanning that right now...

These are drawings from the hair meme that I wanted to do with her, that's why her hairstyle is different. Her actual hair is like this:

External Image

Except with the black and light blonde hair colours. And her clothing design is a bit different.

Instead of two circles on her chest there is just one big oval (like the two circles formed together, y'know). And she wears thigh high black boots with feathery/fluffy ring around the top.

NO she is NOT goth! Or emo or anything like that. Then what's with the make-up and the black clothing? This is what's up:

External Image

External Image

External Image

She's a kpop girl with exaggerated make-up. Though I seem to keep wanting to call her 'the witch'...O.o; Anyways, my whole idea was a 'stylish' character...and now I'm suddenly listening to only kpop (like a few weeks ago I was only listening to visual kei band songs...O.o)...this'll change...but it is pretty new to have a character like her so I'm keeping her.

She's either very old or very young, but either way she has a body of a child or strange looking child. Yes, she's like a lolicon character! XD Nah, she just has young looks, she's pretty tall...but she's VERY flat and without many curves...

She always tries to be the 'sexy and cool' girl, but...she just doesn't look that way...O.o; She's very clumsy and often comes up with really good and intricate plans, but ends up messing them all up herself...XD

She's a comedy relief, I guess? Since she likes the 'sexy and cool' image she always acts like she's 'sexy and cool' so she's a pretteh awkward person...O.o;

Well, that's all I got! I'll come back with better designs of her and a more thought out character~! ^ ^