A world for all my bunches of OCs~! This way referencing them will be easy for me and you~! ^ ^


I drew Klan in colour~! I was going to change his design...but I really do like his hair.

But since I haven't really give you guys much about Klan lemme just tell you what I have so far with the new design.

Name: Klan
Age: Unknown (Probably in his 20's)
Gender: Male
Personality: Friendly, cheerful, talkative, sly, intelligent
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 132 lbs. (He's VERY skinny and most of his weight is made up in muscle)

His is a high school drop out, but is a genius (so that's fair). He is very, very rich and is basically like Mark Zuckerberg, owns a hugely popular websites, yadda yadda, but he also inherited a huge electronics company from his father, so he runs that. He likes to keep his identity hidden, though, so he doesn't have to dress up all fancy and can wear what he wants. Most of the time nobody knows who he is and just think he's some guy.

But he's not just some guy, he's very attractive (now...I could mean handsome or something...but I don't mean it in that way) and has many eyes on him at all times because of his unique appearance.

Now he sounds perfect, a genius, super rich, very attractive, but he has several mental and health problems. He has a heart problem which prevents him from doing many athletic things besides just plain working out. He also rarely has an appetite, which also hinders him. He is constantly weak, so he never does anything to strenuous. He's also blind in one eye...but that's from his doing...he wanted to be blind in one eye. Why? 'cause he's mental.

He is rather eccentric, though he is everything that people want, he actually shouldn't be. He also has a very short temper, but for some reason never shows the emotion of anger...maybe he's just very good at covering it up.

He's friends with almost everyone, but he is BEST FRIENDS with Reese...which I think I've only drawn once. He's very good friends with Reese because Reese shares his beliefs on education and other such matters, is also rich, and is easy to use.

Klan's not a good guy, but people think he is.

That's the whole point of there character...as cliche as that may seem...I wanted him to be the perfect guy, the ideal guy, but since there is no such thing as the ideal guy I made him also the worst guy.

Oh! To destroy his victims he uses a device that he got somehow where he can send thoughts or actions to the minds of other people through text messages or calls.

I dunno what I'd use him in...'orz But I do like him.

Avatar OC Girl

Imouto Chan wanted to see this so I went ahead and made her already.

My old design for her was very confusing and there were lines everywhere...so I just made them tubes...XD

On the left is her as a ninja, and the right is her as a fire dancer.

She is a fire dancer (there has to be some kind of dancers maannnn) in other words she is a fire bender and dancers for her job. On the outside she seems very cheerful, heartwarming, charismatic, but inside she's manipulate, sharp, and cold. She is secretly a ninja.

She focuses on messing up other people's bending for instance making the water boiling hot when they don't want it, melting rocks, and creating tordnadoes (small ones...XD).

She isn't particularly powerful, just very technical. She spends most of her time being a trouble maker rather than actually going out and confronting somebody in battle.

Most of the time her victims battle her without knowing it.

She is covered in lies. She has lived her life under so many lies that she sometimes can differ between the two, even if it's herself. She's borderline bi-polar.

She uses her tubes to breathe underwater, breathe in a smokey place, and it's also a way to channel out the heat. She is also very technical.

Although she seems sweet she can easily stab you in the back.

'course she does have feelings...>3>

I don't have a name for her yet. Well...her old design did...her name was Yukihana. Now does that make any sense for a firebender? Didn't think so.

I'd probably call her Hana 'cause she looks sorta like a flower, doesn't she? And it looks American enough.

Oh, and those eyebrows~! I just love those kinds of eyebrows~! >:D

She'd probably be in Korra times...'cause I don't see that kind of technology back in Aang's times...I dunno if she lives in Republic City...Probably does...she'd probably get the best business there.


Check out that totally unoriginal design plus the really ugly design...:D

Avatar OC

Since The Legend of Korra is going to premier in the US tomorrow I decided to make an OC.

This is actually just a product of some excited daydreaming:

My daydream was about what could happen in the new series. I thought about what if they killed off the avatar, that'd be very surprising, and the next avatar would be born. Then everyone would be all depressed and be like 'Ugh, we're without that amazing avatar all hope is lost' and they feel like they have to wait/search for the next one. But then like in Sailor Moon with Sailor Saturn magically growing up Avatar Korra possesses a newly born male earthbender (only avatar type left) and shabam she blows away the bad guys, but as a male.

So this is what I thought that newly born avatar possessed by Korra would look like.


This isn't really an OC...XD I have a female OC...which...I will fix...a lot...I don't know where I'm going with her...

But I do rather like this guy. Just the way he looks and the ideas in my head about him (not the background, just like the personality 'n stuffs).


I gotta go to bed...XD

Shoujo Manga Characters

These are the main-ish characters...Actually, they're the only characters I've thought of yet...XD

I marked the love interests with a heart, the main character with a blue filled in square, and an blue outline of a square for the her sister.

The first guy is supposed to be that mysterious, popular, dark, untouchable kind of guy. The main character 'respects' him very much as does the guy next to him, except. They're both fans of this guy. He's a famous singer and works with the main character's sister.

The second guy is the cheerful, cute-sy, flamboyant type. He acts really strange in front of the camera (really flamboyant, trying to get the camera's attention) but is actually just a regular boy. His is in an upcoming boy band. He meets the main character when she spills water on his mp3 player (and breaks it).

The third girl is the serious, studious, smart, intelligent type. She is, yeah, a girl, and the main character is a girl, too. I dunno why I decided to put her in there, I just had the sudden urge to put a character like that in here. She is one of the most popular girls in school. She is very beautiful and very smart and is at the top of her class. She is sort of childhood friends with the main character, they've never really hard a conversation but they've been in the same school since they were kids, but she's always had a crush on her.

The fourth girl is the main character. She's very proper because her parents are very strict. She's like the second guy, they both try to be perfect on the outside but are really just normal and fun people on the inside. She works as a janitor at a famous idol company (oh, the pain...'orz All those idols around you, and you have to clean up their crap).

The fifth girl is the main character's sister. She is very outgoing and rebellious and doesn't live with her family anymore because she thinks they're too strict (well, they are). She loves her little sister, though, and tries her best to help her out, but she's only talented in looks and singing.

Just a quick thing 'cause I needed to get a feel for what they look like. Mainly the guys. I think I'll change the girl and the second guy a little more, they don't look right...>3>

OC: Tadao

Just thought I'd share my OC while I draw the rest of meh characters for that item story thingy...O.o;

I dunno why I even drew him first. He's not the main character.

But he's the main character's best friend~! :D

I had two other characters, Klan and Tobias...and I kinda combined them to make Tadao...XD Because he has dark skin and reddish hair, and that same 'wanna be gangster' kind of style, but he's also very fashionable.

He's a lone wolf and claims he doesn't like friends...mainly because he has a history of not being loyal or his friends not being loyal. Most of the time he chooses whatever side makes sense to him, and because of that he usually loses friends...BUT the main character won't leave him alone for some reason so they slowly became very good friends/buddies/partners.

Sorry if you can't read what I wrote, it's nothing particularly important, just tells me really small details to remember about drawing him! XD

Took me forever to draw that coat, which is why I had never completely drawn him before...'orz

The main character is 15 and Tadao is 17, but they're the same height! XD He's actually pretteh short for his age...liike 5'4 -ish. But he doesn't really look like it in this picture. I need to learn how to draw these characters so they look like they're short.

He kinda reminds me of a raven...O.o;

His main weapon is a jacket...he uses the fur liike...liiike...projectile weapons, I suppose? I dunno, his weapon it kinda hard to explain. He also has infinite pockets! *.* But doesn't use them 'cause he can never find anything...XD

In a way, he's kinda upset that he got a jacket as a weapon, but it works great for him.