Update from Hiatus

Wow..I'm way overdue for a update xD

I've been working on Kitty comics for awhile now and went to Anime Boston in April. Which turned out awesome! I'm defiantly going next year! Plus, new art in my gallery.

Other than that my life is doing much better. I fell in love again and have a new boyfriend. He's so sweet and my parents love him too. I have a few new items that now in my shop and more coming soon too.

Thank you very much everyone!

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Craft Fair Update and Upcoming Events

Hello my fellow Kitty fans ♥

I had a great Craft Fair ♥ Thank you Upper Cape Tech ♥ See you next year!

Also a picture of my booth: Click Me!

My website will getting a upgrade this week too! So stay tuned ♥

Next is Anime Boston on November 22 to 24th 2011 ♥

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Kitty Goodies Update

Hello everyone,

I wanted to update with my fans. I'm going to be attending my usual Craft Fair on November 20th to 21st. You can find more info here: Link

It's a big Craft Fair in my Alumni Tech Highschool, and if you're in the area come down to visit. I'll be the cafeteria. Plus, my Culinary Arts restaurant/shop has cooked yummy desserts for Thanksgiving. The Apple Pies and Pumpkin pies go by fast!

As for Anime Boston I got word I'm on the waiting list, so hopefully I can get a table. I'll be my first Anime Convention for Kitty Goodies!

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Kitty Update!

Hey everyone :3 It's been awhile. I don't post much on MyOtaku as I should.

Just to say my Kitty plushies are coming in two weeks! I can't wait! Should be around the 20th to 25th this month. Preorder is still on if you like to head to my shop.

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Also I plan on going to my Tech School Craft Fair again this year. If you live nearby it'll be on November 20th and 21st in Bourne, MA.
I also plan on going to Anime Boston on April 22 to 24th next year. I'm only going to be there Friday and Saturday, because of Easter on Sunday (don't ask) :(

I also a few drawing in my gallery too! Be sure to check it out too!

Busy Busy

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Hey everyone <3

I have another Kitty drawing updated. Thank you to my fans who take the time to read and comment my journal. I appreciate it.

I've been a bit busy lately. Just finished my Kitty Book signing and now to get ready for my 3rd year at my Alumni High school's Craft Fair. I will be selling my Kitty book, prints, and keychains. Wish me luck! Enjoy my new art!

Plus, I have a couple of new pieces. So check it out!