Envoys of both Lubomir and Tanith would like to welcome you to the official knowledge archive of their two glorious kingdoms.
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These pages are by no means accurate in the importance of details/events/individuals to the kingdom nay the world. No one really knows quite how information is decerned to enter the archives. It just sort of shows up really...
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The Greensprig Wanderers

Hidden deep beneath the folds of leaves and tree canopy, a group of nomads travel, roaming over every inch of the Seathen Woods. Rarely seen, not much is known of these traveling nomads. There is much speculation upon why these woodsmen choose solitude from others. The most popular theory is the Greensprig Wanderers are a group of outcasts, driven from their homes due to rare diseases or their association with evil magics. Other tales, especially from smaller villages, center around the theory that the Greensprig Wanderers are halfbreeds; the product of unions between people and spirits. Because of this, they walk the woods to avoid those who would seek their power as bridges between this world and the spirit realm.
On occasion, scholars have highered trackers in an attempt to follow wanders. Most often these attempts end in the death of the trackers, and occasionally their proprietors as well. Since then, the wanderers have been, for the most part, left to their own devices. From previous attempts to learn about this group, however, it has been learned that the Greensprig Wanderers do follow a rough pattern of travel through the woods, dependent highly on the changing of the seasons.

Welcome to the Seathen Forest

Just beyond the east basin of the Neetharmargg lies a thick forest, stretching many leagues between the basin and the sea. This cornucopia of life is strangely out of place compared to stretches of desert and saltine sea around it. As such, it is no surprise that this sliver of forestry is home to many inhabitants.
While the forest animals have many boundaries and alliances, and the spirits have almost none(as can be determined so far) the focus shall be on the human populations.
There are two kingdoms residing in this forest.

The Kingdom of Lubomir resides largely in the northern half of the Seathen Forest leaning towards the ocean. The residing monarch is King Antione the generous, who rose to power after his older brother the former King Grandoye died during an assasitnation attempt on his son's life. Prince Grandoye II supposedly died as well during that fateful night, though no body was recovered. The late Queen Sophie died a few months later from grief, leaving behind her daughter, the Princess Marie. Princess Marie is now of marriageable age, however, the King Antione is easily swayed by his niece and has permitted her to marry a man of her own choosing, and as such, no change in leadership appears imminent.

The Kingdom of Tanith resides on the southern half of the Seathen Forest. This kingdom is larger due to successful conquests of their neighboring kingdom in past years, and bearing witness to a long line of powerful leaders, has kept their land. Tanith has grown rich in the trade industry, daring to cross the East Neetharmargg Basin to trade with far lying kingdoms. The residing monarch is Prince Leopold, who rose as acting monarch after his father's 'accident' a few years past. Prince Leopold is not yet of the age to be crowned according to Tanith tradition. However, the young prince has kept power within the family dueling every contender for the throne, and soundly defeating every one of them. The triplet princesses: Lisaria, Fyona, and Amythest have not left the castle since their father's death but have been heard singing on many a starry night. Rumor says the princesses were possesed by nymphs or demons and the Prince Leopold has kept them locked up for the safety of the kingdom. (Other rumors suggest he offered up their bodies in exchange for powerful magic to defeat any foe.)

The Seathen Forest and the Two Kingdoms that reside under it's branches are a mystery to much of the world. Another warning to those who may peer into the knowledge of these archives, the no one knows just what might lurk in the shadows of these pages. Caution is your ally.

Guide to: Indigo Longwood

First Daughter and Second child of the Longwood family, Indigo Longwood is a quietly willful girl of an impertinent nature. Her disregard for the rules has landed her in more than a few tricky situations. However, it has never turned out too worse for ware.
Although her noble lineage would imply a well bred lady. Indigo Longwood has skipped more than a few lessons to train in the ways of the warrior with her older brother, Thomas Longwood. The two have a close bond and will always cover for the other should the need arise.
Her day of birth lies on the first new moon of Spring.
She resides in Longwood manor on the edge of Tanith's borders.