Sign-Ups [CLOSED]

Sign up here! Also put your wishlist in the comments so that I can add them!

1. Kyrachan -- Wishlist
2. LunaInverse -- Wishlist
3. WildGirl1977 -- Wishlist
4. Snowzi -- Wishlist
5. Judai Winchester -- Wishlist
6. XxArrancarFanxX -- Wishlist

Please have your wishlists up by tomorrow!

Important Dates

Some important dates:

Deadline to sign up: December 2
Deadline to post your wishlist: December 4

SS Posting begins: December 22
Posting ends: January 3
Substitute Santa posting ends: January 10

Please have your wallpapers done by January 3! If you don't think you can do it, tell me and I can hand it off to a Substitute Santa. We want everyone to get their wallpaper, so please be considerate!