i am going to be at prom on saturday i leave at 6:30 at least and i wont be back until about 12:00 AM i am in the grand march last year i did go to prm but i went as a spector and that year did not turn out so good for me wht so ever dont ask why i mean it -.- this year should be a good one

vidmaster classic

i have gotten the vidmaster classic which you have to beat ONE level on ODST on legendary NO shots fired NO grandes thrown punching and splaters are fine tip for level uphill resver (cant spell it) its where you can kill ALL the waiths it took me first time through over 7 minutes second time just over 5:22 i think if you have me for xbox live or you like to go to bungie check out my file share its in there for sure its the second time through though you can download it if you want

stage fright

i can not belive what i did this morning i went in front of cams TODAY i got fricking nervous i felt still uneasy this morning i swear this will only get worst for me as the school year goes on for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


great my labtops anti-virus kicked in it blocked something called rouge anti-virus checked the tab where my music was coming from as soon as i saw the words marware labtops internet was shut off runing an virus scan and a spybot scan when i get back home and i disconnected the internet from my labtop to prevent more damage to my labtop until it gives me a green light i am clear to reconnect to the internet becareful on the internet otakus you could get a virus on your computer have a nice day oatkus

the clubs that I am in.

I am in DECA, FFA, art, and the school paper side note: PM me on school paper and I will tell you what school I am at except one member on theotaku that goes to the same school that I am going to sorry to offen some people on the note