titleless (2)

once again, here because I am to lazy to make a fanfiction world

The rain was coming, storm clouds rolling in from the four corners of the sky like they were drawn to the inner turmoil inside of her. “Father…” she murmured, the only sound to come out of her lips in the past few days. She was finally going to avenge him; the moment was so close she was almost giddy with excitement. Her sister thought she was being stupid; rushing into a sure suicide mission for she felt that there was no way that her fifteen year old self would never defeat the twenty five year old man. Ayame didn’t care if she died with this, as long as she brought Sasuke along with her. With one last glance up at the clouds she lifted the blue hood over her head, tugging the hem down low over her eyes and hopped down from the tree she was in and quickly started down the path she knew would lead her to her target, making sure to mask her chakra, a feat she had nearly forgotten.

She counted the steps until she would reach him, knowing that with each foot forward it would be harder to turn back unnoticed even if she wanted to. The clearing that he had made as his camp site not that long ago was only a few yards away, and her fingers itched to grab a kunai, or even some senbon, from the obstructed pack on her right leg, knowing that the poison that they were dipped in would immobilize him with one hit. She had more poison stored on her person in strategic locations, enough to subdue a tailed beast. She crept closer and closer still, making sure not to step on any felled branches, and peered out from behind a tree. If it was anyone else, she could have hoped that maybe he would apologize, accept her even. But she knew better. She knew, from research, that he hated her father, and that he would never accept her, an outcome of possible something as simple as a drunken night mistake all those years ago.

She stayed there, crouched behind the tree a few feet away from the edge of the clearing, focusing on everything the older man was doing when she unconsciously shifted her weight, making the twigs beneath her snap. She jumped back fully behind the tree in time to hear his voice ring out through the trees. “Who’s there?!” he called, and she pressed herself closer to the tree. “Who’s there?” he called again, this time colder, like he was ordering her to come out. She took a breath, adjusted her hood and did just that, stepping from behind the tree and into his line of sight. He stared at her for a moment, long enough for her fingers to itch once more, this time to pull her hood even further down to obstruct more of her face, before his face distorted into something akin to annoyance. “Go away.”

She raised an eyebrow at that, but instead of walking away, she stepped closer. “Leave.” He ordered, but she continued to step forward. When she stepped over the threshold of the clearing she finally noticed his eyes. They were so familiar, and she felt her heart stop. She had seen them so many times, smiling as she played, looking a bit annoyed when her and her sister fought with each other, bleeding red almost on command when she would beg to see his funny eyes. Her father’s eyes. No mere family resemblance, no, this man before her actually possessed her father’s eyes. With a cry she lost the calmness she had managed to posses up until that moment, and launched herself at a surprised Sasuke.


The fight went on for who knew how long. Dodging, jumping, leaping. Trees were burned, trenches gouged from the ground, and deflected weapons laid strewed about. She gave a small cry as she appeared in the air, aiming a kick at the man’s head that blocked it, pushing her away. She knew she wasn’t the best fighter, as much as she liked to pretend, and took a satisfaction from the fact that he was panting from exertion. She had managed to get some hits in, although not as much as she had hoped for she had severely underestimated him. She herself was bloody, lucky to have one of her arms after a near miss from a katon no jutsu. She threw another kunai at him, flipping away as he dodged and came after her, swiping with his katana.

He reached for her, trying to pull her back, but all his hand succeeded in doing was snaring her hood, pulling it free from its place covering her face. With a start she whirled around, she grabbed the trailing edge before it got out of her reach, holding fast. She saw him looking at her, with her father’s eyes, and she almost expected recognition to flash within them, as if Itachi’s memories had been implanted and not just the seeing orifices. Nothing did, and the feeling of hope transformed onto one of sorrow. She truly was alone. With a snarl, her new tears threatening to spill, she yanked the fabric back. He didn’t deserve to touch it, the memories that it contained shouldn’t be sullied by his touch. He was surprised, she saw it flash across his face for a mere moment lit up by a flash of lightening, but held fast. Annoyed she tried to pull it back again as the rain finally started to fall around them, crashing harder and harder around them with each passing second. He refused to let go and she continued to pull at it, getting more and more frantic, the fight forgotten under the intense need to get it away from him. He could probably see just how important it was to her, and thought to distract her enough to finish said fight, and out of the corner of her eye she could see his hand slowly moving for the sword that had been restrapped to his side so he could grab her. Refusing to be cut down just yet she gave one more giant yank, hoping that as his attention was divided it would slip out of his hands, just as a boom of thunder sounded.

Startled, struck with the fear of the noise that she harbored, she lost her balance, her ankle giving way causing her to crash to the muddy ground with a small shriek. She managed to keep her hold on the fabric as she fell, pulling her uncle with her to his knees before he let go. She laid there for a mere moment, trying to catch the breath she had lost from her landing before scrambling up to a sitting position, clutching the fabric to her chest. Had he a good look at it? Had he seen the design that was normally hidden from others eyes when she wore it? If there was a tear in it, her most prized possession, she would definitely kill him, slowly instead of swiftly like she had planned.

Feeling her eyes bleed red, she didn’t bother to try and quell it, letting them glow in the darkness as if it would show just how angry she was. He stared at her in shock, no doubt surprised to see another Uchiha this long after the events that had transpired over a decade ago. She glared at him, clenching her teeth and clutching the hood even closer to her, almost daring him to try and take it yet again. Before he had a chance to recover, she grabbed a kunai and lurched forward, aiming for his chest but Sasuke simply knocked her hand away.

“Who are you?!” he ordered.

“Why do you care?! You’d just kill me like you did my father!” she screamed, trying once more to pierce his skin, to drive the poison coated weapon deep within him. Oh how she wanted to see him squirm, to see him scream after all he had put her through.

He just knocked her hand away again. “Your father? I’ve killed too many people to remember someone biased on that just that.”

“He was your brother! Remember him now?!” She screamed once more, the tears falling down her face almost indistinguishable from the rain even as another flash of lightning bathed everything in white light. She went after him again; this time instead of just lunging she went to tackle him. “He was your brother and you killed him!” He simple grabbed her arm and shoved her down, pinning her hand against the mud.

“You know nothing” he snarled.

“I know that you killed my father! That when you joined that Akatsuki, my sister and I were forced away to Ame so you wouldn’t kill us too! That you ruined my life!” She continued to scream, flailing so he would let her go. He just lifted her a bit and slammed her back onto the ground hard, forcing the air from her lungs again.

“Like I said, you know nothing. You know nothing about what happened that day.” He said as she writhed on the ground in pain, trying to gather more air in her lungs. Noticing this he eased away from her, allowing her to sit up and rub the bruise on her wrist as she sobbed silently. She looked around for the hood, her eyes wide and frantic. He noticed this and looked around as well, spotting the blue pile and reached over to pick it up. Handing it to her, the fabric shifted, showing a flash of red and white. She watched as he moved the folds, revealing the large Uchiha symbol before pulling it from his hands and hugging it close to her. “Where did you get that?” he asked, sounding truly intrigued.

“Daddy gave it to me.” She said, reverting back to how she would normally refer to Itachi. Father always sounded so stiff, not right for the man she had known. “The day, before he went to meet you.” She knew that he would catch what she refused to say; the day that he had went to his death. She remembered the day like it was yesterday. Getting the gift, wondering for a brief moment where he had gotten it, before giving him as bug a hug that her four year old self could manage. She had begged for him to stay, to play with her for she was so lonely with the adults moving about and her sister going through a phase where she wanted nothing to do with the younger twin. She remembered running to her room and crying after he had left. She swiped at her tears, it had been years since she cried, and raised her eyes, no longer red but blue, and looked at her uncle. “Why?” she asked softly. He just looked back at her, something flashing across his face that she couldn’t decipher with her jumbled mind.

“I’m sorry.”