HI Everyone If Your loggin to this world Welcome to the Club.

Ghost Member:

An appology World. 07ghost still RULEZ!!!!

IM SOOOOOOOOO SORRY THAT I DIDN'T POST ANYTHING ON HERE. T-T I hope you forgive me for not posting anything on here and I don't want to neglect. T-T Here is an avi I made and I hope you like him and forgive me for not posting here. T^T I Will post Everything on here that envolve 07-ghost :3


Joining the 07 Ghost Club

Hiya Everyone I just want to say that if anyone know 07 ghost who r fan of the anime/manga u can join the club by PM or comment me anytime. ^^ I let u post ur favorite pic, video, or anything that ur favorite in 07 ghost.

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Plus I did a fanart on Mikage(dragon) and most of the member saw it. ^^


Love 07 Ghost pic

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I love this pic I found it on the site. ^^

07-Ghost Manga

Hiya Everyone this the first time to create a club. Can't wait to post everything that involve 07-Ghost. So Welcome Everyone. If anyone know what 07ghost is about Im Full of JOY.XD YAAAAAAAAY But if not well it ok. Here the website to read all about.

If you heard of One Manga. Herehttp://www.onemanga.com/07_Ghost/

Or Manga Fox. Here:http://www.mangafox.com/manga/07_ghost/

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