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Original Kuras are Original

Texture | writing | brush

VRained in the Photoshopped.....


Well another Bakura wallpaper, this time featuring all three Kuras; Yami Bakura, Thief King Bakura, and Ryou Bakura. I instantly fell in love with this image when I first found it. It is just amazing. Loved the fact that they are all here. For real. Like images like this are RARE as hell man and to find one is just a treat.

To be honest I wasn't expecting to like Bakura as much as I did. But even my first run through the original series of YGO back in the days I didn't even know what 4kraps was *shudder*. But for real Kura's english voice actor is pretty boss. So kudos to him for voicing an awesome character.

I never expected to get so attached to Yami Kura and Thief Kura. I've been reading a lot of fanfics about them lately and I read one that was like kind of somepony's take of what happend to Bakura after the aftermath of the ceremonial duel between Atem and Yugi, and he like goes back to Egypt, you'd just have to read it...I think it is called "Till Death Did them Part" or something like that. I was bawling at the end man, total feels. Just one of the best fics I've ever read. Anyway excuse me....I'm rambling again. I tend to do that when I am passionate about something.

Not really much to explain in terms of the wallpaper side of things. Just a gradient, few textures, and three Bakuras. I don't think any further explanation is necessary, except three Bakuras in one wallpaper. That rarely ever happens. Rendered at a smaller resolution because the original image wasn't entirely high resolution but I hope everypony enjoys anyway.

Anyway without any further ado and my rambles, a wallpaper featuring three Bakuras. Enjoy from a long time fan of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Yu-Gi-Oh Wallpapers
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