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Original Anzu is Original

Background | Anzu 2 | texture | brush

Quote found here

4th Wall Photoshopped


Somehow I ended up making a wallpaper featuring Anzu Mazaki from Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters. There really aren't a lot of wallpapers of her character. So I made one to upload here.

What to say about Anzu, well her friends are very important to her and she would do anything for them to be there and support them. She might not have dueled much in the show, but she was just as important as a lot of characters. She dreamed of being a dancer in America, being in a show on Broadway. So she was a very passionate character who aimed high. So that's what I like about her (and she's pretty too)

Made this wallpaper with keeping with a pink/shiny theme. So that's what I kind of ended up doing. Blended an Anzu image in the background, managed to find a quote by her (that was a shocker because usually when I look for character specific quotes, can't find many). Can I be real and say that arranging this text took FOREVER? I went through several different fonts for each line, wanted it to be readable but add to the wallpaper, so that took me awhile. So this wallpaper probably took longer then I expected. It was worth it I think in the end.

Well I hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper.

Dedicated to yamiyugi4ever who celebrated a birthday. I know she likes YamixAnzu. I hope you don't mind a wallpaper featuring Anzu by herself, might make one with her and Yami later on. Hope you had a good birthday. Please enjoy this wallpaper.

Yu-Gi-Oh Wallpapers
anzu mazaki, butterflies, quote, shiny, tea gardner, text, yu-gi-oh duel monsters, yu-gi-oh!
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