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Sunset vs Sci-Twi
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Original vector is Original

Textures from here | bokeh | brush

This shop was made in Photoshop CS6 BOI! 8D


Well I discovered this vector of Unicorn Twilight and Sunset Shimmer in their Friendship Games outfits. It was too adorable to ignore so me being the brony otaku girl that I am, I decided to make it into a little wallpaper. I loved the Equestria Girls Friendship Games movie as a whole, I am addicted to the ACADECA song. So finding this vector of Sunset and Twilight as ponies in their Equestria Girls clothes was just amazing. Of course it has been awhile since I watched the movie but I listen to the soundtrack almost everyday when I'm on the bus going to school or at home doing stuffs on the computer. So....yeah...now that I've rambled, on with the wallpaper description.

Anyway a simpleish wallpaper comprised of a gradient blended with vintageish textures plus the vector (linked above). I just went for something kind of cool and simple for this. I didn't want to detract from the vector's amazingness. Credit goes to the amazing artist for making it. So yeah that is pretty much how I made this wallpaper.

Awesome boss vector + pretty vintage textures + one bokeh = this wallpaper. No further explanation needed. Oh and I love ponies. Of course that is probably obvious by now.

Anyway i hope everypony enjoys the wallpaper. Dedicated to Misachan as a late birthday wallie. I hope you like it dear.

EDIT: Changed title due to it not fitting in title line. Forgot to tag Misachan for dedication. ReUploaded.

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